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“The living product presentation” of the AOE B2X Commerce Cloud

April 09, 2019
Steven BaileySteven BaileyChief Strategy Officer

In March 2019, AOE and other solution partners presented themselves with a very special outfit at the Internet World Expo in Munich. Red jacket on orange pants... Let us call it eye-catching and promotionally effective! But why? It was the visual colorful product presentation of our B2X Commerce Cloud.

Exhibitions are important for communication and networking with interested prospects and potential customers. Sometimes, however, they can also become somewhat dull and long-winded. Therefore, we decided in this case for an extraordinary outfit as a partner on the Magento / Adobe booth. Here is what it looked like: 

The living B2X product presentation

On second thought, this is a colorful presentation, among other things, of our B2X Commerce Cloud. This solution suite consists of a large number of high-performance software solutions, each of which contributes its own strengths and orchestrates them into an extremely powerful Omnichannel Marketplace:

  • Adobe-red blazer: The red blazer represents Adobe’s personalized and targeted performance marketing. Adobe solutions deliver enterprise-level content management and enable targeted, personalized, high-performance marketing campaigns.
  • Magento-orange trousers: The strength of Magento lies in experience-driven commerce. Magento covers all E-Commerce processes from order management to payment, fulfillment and logistics.
  • Akeneo-purple lining: Akeneo is a powerful Open Source PIM (Product Information Management) system. With Akeneo, all product data can be managed centrally and with high data quality – a basic requirement for successful E-Commerce.
  • AOE-gray shirt: Each software solution is good on its own – in the right combination, the solutions are extremely powerful and potentiate each others strengths. At AOE, we have gained the appropriate expertise in E-Commerce with enterprise projects over the last few years, so we know both the pain points of large companies and the strengths and weaknesses of each respective software. Based on this, we develop customized solutions and efficient digital processes for our customers and thus represent the “Beating Heart” that optimally links the individual software modules.

Thus, our outfit pretty much corresponds to the main components of our B2X Commerce Cloud, which, by the way, is a pretty interesting solution especially for B2B companies (more about B2X Commerce Cloud). In addition, there are several other components that each contribute their strengths. Because it is an API-based solution, additional services and software can be easily integrated via the API. Unneeded components are simply removed.

Since the topic attracted great interest at the Internet World Expo as well as in our social channels, we want to present the B2X components in more detail over the next few weeks and explain their strengths and business benefits in more detail. If you are interested, just follow us on our social channels at @AOEpeople (on Linked In, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube). See you soon!