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Identity & Access Management
Identity & Access Management

Identity & access management. We connect your systems.

Identity & access management (IAM) ensures secure and easy access to systems and data for authorized persons. Independent of location. Through a one-time login by single sign-on. 

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Enterprise Security

Central IAM enables efficient work processes and least privilege access to data and systems while ensuring maximum security.

Single Sign-On

Allows employees to access all approved systems with one single and secure login.

User & Access Governance

Mitigating risks with a modern IAM setup that serves compliance, audit or recertification.

Identity & access management enables authorized employees with appropriate rights to access data and systems. IAM guarantees efficient work processes with the highest security standards, regardless of location.

How companies benefit

  • Highest compliance and security standards
  • Reduced complexity and increased productivity
  • Central administration of users and authorizations

How employees benefit

  • Easy and secure access to authorized data and systems
  • Efficient working with one single sign-on
  • Independent of location and devices

Managing authorizations and digital identities securely and efficiently in one central tool

With a growing employee base, the amount and diversity of resources that need to be secured increases dramatically. At the same time, the variance of access rights granted between your employees increases. Our experience shows that both these trends are non-linear. Accordingly, as your business grows, the administration, management, and monitoring of your access quickly becomes complicated. Identity & access management solutions reduce complexity and enable companies to manage users and authorizations. 

Security challenges that identity & access management solves:

  • Security: Adherence to compliance and security standards
  • Productivity: Employee access to necessary data and systems
  • Authentication: Identification of authorized persons, devices or things and their rights
  • Authorization: Individual access to desired data and systems
  • Administration: Auditable user and rights administration processes with changing roles and positions
  • Governance: Reporting, audit-logs and recertification

Identity & Access Management Benefits

Maximum Security

Multiple factor authentication is key to protect compromised login credentials.

Compliance & Risk Management

Adherence to provisions and regulations from compliance and risk management.

Central Administration

Single point-of-administration for user and rights management.

Role-based Access Control

System access through matching and synchronization of identity and permissions with role-based access control (RBAC).


Identification of persons across multiple devices and matching of their permissions.

Password Management

Free structuring of password provisions and secure administration of passwords.

Identity Brokering &
Social Login

Logon with existing social log-in such as Open-ID or SAML.

Employee Productivity

Location-independent access to required data and systems.

Cost Reduction

Lowering development costs for adherence to security and compliance provisions.

Identity & access management solutions

Bare.ID: Fully managed & SaaS

Bare.ID is our Keycloak SaaS product. As it is fully managed and operated by us, you need no IT operations and Keycloak expertise on your side – we offer all services regarding identity & access management and single sign-on with Keycloak. Bare.ID is 100% DSGVO compliant and hosted in Germany.

More about Bare.ID

Keycloak: Custom IAM solutions

Keycloak is an advanced access management application with sophisticated single sign-on, user management, systems security and social logins. It part of the "executive branch" in your IAM setup and connects your applications and services to your central identity store – ideal for hybrid cloud setups.

More about Keycloak

Our offer: Identity & access management setup
with experienced and independent experts

Our service portfolio

  • System analysis & audit
  • Consulting: Setup of IAM concepts
  • Optimization of access rights, users, and roles
  • Introduction of lifecycle management
  • Single sign-on solution based on Keycloak
  • Securing machine-to-machine communication via OAuth

What we do

Our independent identity & access management experts have many years of experience from enterprise projects such as Deutsche Telekom. We design and implement a fully operational and modern identity & access management solution that enables efficient administration of authorizations. Our solutions secure interfaces, reduce complexity, enable secure communication between servers and business services, and increase the flexibility and productivity of employees.

Steffen Ritter

Steffen Ritter

Cybersecurity Architect / AOE
A well designed identity and access management reduces overhead in account and access management for employees, external parties and customers – and is thus an essential contribution to compliance, governance and cybersecurity concepts.

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We use HubSpot CRM to process and manage contact and information requests. Please accept the "Functional Cookies" and reload the page to load the contact form.