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Identity & Access Management
Identity & Access Management

Identity & Access Management as the foundation for secure corporate networks.

Identity & Access Management (IAM) controls the management of user identities and their access rights in the network. The focus is on the authentication and authorization of users in systems and applications. We help you to implement your IAM strategy properly.

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Enterprise Security

Central IAM enables efficient work processes and least privilege access to data and systems while ensuring maximum security.

Single Sign-On

Allows employees to access all approved systems with one single and secure login.

Multi-factor authentication

Targeted defense against social engineering & phishing with modern multi-factor authentication instead of simple passwords.

Implementing IAM the right way: How your company can benefit holistically with our help.

For managing directors

  • Always remain GDPR-compliant & meet complex compliance standards
  • Full governance transparency across authorization bases and applications
  • Reduced complexity and increased productivity

For employees

  • Easy and secure access to authorized data and systems
  • Work more efficiently thanks to simple and secure login via SSO
  • Independent of location and devices

For IT managers

  • Easy and secure access to authorized data and systems
  • Efficient working with one single sign-on
  • Independent of location and devices

Our solution for secure access management including multi-factor authentication: Bare.ID

With a growing employee base, the amount and diversity of resources that need to be secured increases dramatically. At the same time, the variance of access rights granted between your employees increases. Our experience shows that both these trends are non-linear. Accordingly, as your business grows, the administration, management, and monitoring of your access quickly becomes complicated. Identity & access management solutions reduce complexity and enable companies to manage users and authorizations.

More about Bare.ID

Your advantages with our solution Bare.ID

Highest security standards

Bare.ID meets all BSI guidelines as well as industry-specific and legal requirements and can even be used in highly regulated industries.

German server locations

Your data will never reach third countries and, in addition to the production location, control under company law remains in Germany at all times.

Central Administration

Single point-of-administration for user and rights management.

Convenient single sign-on

User-friendly single sign-on enables authorized users to access all necessary connected applications, including role-based application access.

Strong multi-factor authentication

Choose from a variety of integrated modern authentication methods from OTP methods to highly secure hardware tokens according to WebAuthN and innovative passwordless login.

Preconfigured integrations

Simple connection of applications for authentication with the preconfigured Application Gallery, including free integration of other required applications.

High availability

Operated by DevOps experts, we rely on multi-node operation, guarantee an availability of 99.9% and can offer our solution in compliance with KRITIS through geo-redundancy.

No vendor lock-In

Full flexibility so that nothing stands in the way of a change of provider. We use the open source IAM framework Keycloak at its core and thus enable simple data portability.

White Label

If required, you can simply hide whether it is visible who is hosting the login with our white label templates. Simply configure your user interface, emails and SMS yourself.

Trust our Keycloak expert advice: years of experience, in-depth know-how and customized support

  • Years of experience: Our experts have already successfully configured and supported Keycloak for a large number of customers
  • In-depth expertise: Our experts not only specialize in Keycloak, but are also able to master other complex security requirements
  • Tailor-made support: We understand that every customer has individual requirements and therefore develop tailor-made strategies that exactly match your use case

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IAM for in-house operations:
our experts offer professional keycloak consulting

Our service portfolio

  • System analysis & audit
  • Consulting: Setup of IAM concepts
  • Optimization of access rights, users, and roles
  • Introduction of lifecycle management
  • Single sign-on solution based on Keycloak
  • Securing machine-to-machine communication via OAuth

What we do

Our independent identity & access management experts have many years of experience from enterprise projects such as Deutsche Telekom. We design and implement a fully operational and modern identity & access management solution that enables efficient administration of authorizations. Our solutions secure interfaces, reduce complexity, enable secure communication between servers and business services, and increase the flexibility and productivity of employees.

Steffen Ritter

Steffen Ritter

Cybersecurity Architect / AOE
A well designed identity and access management reduces overhead in account and access management for employees, external parties and customers – and is thus an essential contribution to compliance, governance and cybersecurity concepts.

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Steffen Ritter
Commercial Director Cybersecurity
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We use HubSpot CRM to process and manage contact and information requests. Please accept the "Functional Cookies" and reload the page to load the contact form.