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Omnevo launch re-defines the post-COVID19 ancillary revenue opportunity for aviation, travel retail & mobility industries

February 09, 2021

WIESBADEN, GERMANY, 09 FEBRUARY 2021 – In response to the impact of the seismic shift in the global travel climate, AOE, the world’s leading provider of digital travel retail solutions, announces the launch of Omnevo – an innovative new company molded from the merger of AOE’s leading aviation e-commerce solutions with catering management and supply chain expert SHIFTEO, delivering unique ancillary revenue models in Food&Beverage (F&B), Retail and Experiences for airlines, airports and rail operators.

Omnevo is the world’s first fully modular digital solution suite to provide end-to-end, vendor-agnostic digital retailing and catering management, uniquely addressing everything from frontend customer experience such as personalization, choice and fulfilment to complex operational challenges, including Logistics, Warehousing, Crew and ePOS.  From starting with a small Minimum Viable Product-approach - such as a relatively simple add-on of F&B pre-order to reduce waste and weight - the system can easily and rapidly expand into a full omnichannel retailing solution according to market needs, ultimately achieving new industry-benchmarks in customer experience along the entire ancillary revenue journey. 

The launch of Omnevo is designed to provide operators in the mobility and hospitality industries with a powerful new path to optimizing their post-COVID ancillary revenue recovery.  The combination of the collapse in travel markets and the accelerated evolution of consumers’ touchless digital behavior over the past year has inflicted a ‘perfect storm’ on operators, decimating ancillary revenue streams and further magnifying the declining effectiveness of traditional revenue models. 

The new company’s name is derived from a synergy of the words ‘omnichannel’ and ‘evolution’, expressing the commitment to drive a new digital performance standard for the mobility and hospitality sectors worldwide, as Michael Raasch, CEO, Omnevo, explains: “Omnevo is an effective, holistic and, above all, flexible response to the harsh new travel market realities and is radically different product approach to that of our parent company, AOE. 

Everyone in the mobility and hospitality sectors understands that the global crisis and the shift in consumer behavior sets a challenging new paradigm in revenue creation. Everyone also realizes that the post-COVID answer is undoubtedly digital. However, under severe financial pressures, many are unsure how to make that happen – so we’ve created a clear, powerful, cost-effective solution that is ‘off the shelf’ and can be implemented quickly.”

Kian Gould, CEO of AOE and Chairman of the Board of Omnevo, adds: “We’ve achieved this innovative solution by combining the proven expertise of AOE and SHIFTEO in a unique, success-based model that meets the shifting needs of the market, providing something never available before – holistic, vendor-agnostic, end-to-end provision across the whole journey.

Our modular solution suite gives operators of any size the agility to easily and rapidly adapt to market needs, ultimately achieving a full omnichannel platform with minimal investment and shared risk, if and when desired. We’re confident that our model can not only deliver new levels of customer experiences and drive new revenue streams but can also achieve greatly improved operational efficiency – all from low start-up costs.

The fundamental shift that has been so significantly accelerated in 2020 is driving the evolution of the end-customer’s digital behavior forward by 10 years in just six months, making traditional ancillary revenue models increasingly unstable, even in a recovery. Omnevo has responded by innovating at scale to give the industry the capacity and agility to evolve with the market and the flexibility to react quickly to changes.
The current crisis may well be the tipping point that finally convinces everyone in the industry that digital is the path they need to take, and that classic retailing, catering and operator models are in the past.” 

Peter Coelho, COO of Omnevo, emphasizes the enhanced logistical and operational capabilities that Omnevo provides: “At its heart, Omnevo is all about giving our customers freedom through new levels of control, efficiency and versatility.  We provide a fully vertically-integrated solution portfolio that frees them from the traditional model’s barriers – such as minimal choice of suppliers and its restrictive focus on route, destination and contracts - enabling them to re-define both their performance and their end-customer experience. 

These new efficiencies, achieved particularly through focusing on pre-travel selection, purchasing and decision-making, are further amplified by the absolutely remarkable gains achievable across sustainability elements, such as stock management, food waste and last-mile delivery. Simply, this model has been designed so that the more comprehensively you embed it, the greater the range of performance benefits can be achieved across every area of your business.” 

Omnevo is expanding its targeting across travel, retail and hospitality sectors – including airlines, airports, railways, hospitality providers, brands and malls - as a response to the ongoing global crisis and as a cost effective, revenue-driving route towards recovery.  With five years’ experience on sector-leading omnichannel projects such as Frankfurt Airport (the world’s first omnichannel airport), KrisShop for Singapore Airlines, Heathrow Boutique and Auckland Airport, Omnevo is set to change the market at scale. ENDS

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Omnevo: Launched in 2021 and headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany alongside its parent company, AOE, Omnevo represents next-level digital ancillary revenue and operations empowerment for mobility and hospitality providers such as airports, airlines, rail operators, brands and malls. Omnevo’s solutions are modular and built upon highly scalable architecture that blends a comprehensive portfolio of tailored, adaptable features with an agile, customer-centric development approach. Enabling everything from pre-order and e-commerce, to onboard retail and back-office operations and supply chain management integration, Omnevo’s products allow mobility and hospitality providers to regain full control of their omnichannel retail customer engagement while leveraging the undisputed power of e-commerce marketplaces. 

AOE: AOE is a leading digital transformation and agile software development company focused on providing digital commerce solutions to global enterprises. AOE’s global team of over 250 people in six countries and offices in Frankfurt, Miami, Zurich, Paris, Dubai and Hong Kong, is responsible for many of the large-scale digitalization efforts in the aviation industry in recent years and has worked on hundreds of major global e-commerce rollouts for companies including Sony, Commerzbank, Deutsche Telekom, congstar, Lufthansa, Cisco Systems and Bosch. 


Press release: Omnevo and Fraport extend long-term partnership by 5 more years

Frankfurt, July 14th, 2021 - Omnevo, leading provider of revenue-increasing digital platform solutions for airports and airlines and part of the AOE Group, and Fraport AG, owner and operator of Germany's largest airport, announced today that Frankfurt Airport goes live with the latest advanced version of Omnevo's award-winning omnichannel e-commerce solution. Additionally, the two companies announced that they have extended their long-term partnership for another five years to further develop the digitalization of the airport's range of products and services for the almost 70 million passengers (before COVID-19) who travel through Frankfurt Airport each year. With go-live, the existing digital solution platform, which Omnevo’s parent company (AOE) had originally developed for Fraport, was migrated to the latest Omnevo product version. Through its original partnership with AOE Fraport utilized the OM³ digital platform (now known as Omnevo) to become the world’s first omnichannel airport focused entirely on omnichannel both before and, especially, during the pandemic. The newly enhanced Omnevo cloud solution enables the operation of a complete airport marketplace solution for all travel retail sales at a fraction of the costs previously required for such a leading ecosystem, creating new revenue opportunities for crisis-hit airports of any size. Thanks to the highly flexible SaaS solution, Fraport has also effectively future-proofed its digital strategy by integrating directly in the Omnevo product roadmap, enabling it to benefit from Omnevo’s strategy of continuous improvements to the solution.


A personal perspective on leadership

The past year has been extraordinary in so many ways and, while the tragic impact on lives takes precedence, we’ve also had to deal with the huge changes in our working life too. As the crisis developed early last year, I was busy planning in my new role as CEO of Omnevo - AOE’s new specialist product division - positioned as a digital solution pioneer in the travel industry, launching in early 2021. As the crisis grew, this became the most challenging experience of my career, but I’ve been surprised to find that it’s also become one of the most instructive and rewarding experiences too. Creating and launching any new company is always a huge challenge but we suddenly faced extraordinary new barriers as the way we do business had to be transformed. Much of 2020 was spent planning the new company and today, still operates almost exclusively remotely. Many of us, including some of the founders, worked together for almost a year but have still not actually met in person! Yet we already operate successfully in a global network and are scaling and winning new business. Omnevo is a truly virtual organization; this is how we were born and that is how we thrive. In this short time, we’ve already made our mark on this industry, with a culturally diverse, agile and highly committed team working alongside customers of all sizes around the globe. We’re gaining a lot of attention because we are recognized as game changers - and that innovative spirit is integral to our team spirit. We are committed to being the digital challengers and innovators in the travel and mobility industry – an ethos drives us every day. And it’s working. But what is the glue behind this, what makes us successful? Why is it working and, in these bizarre working conditions, how did we manage to get the team so well and engage with our customers so quickly? I’m obviously proud of what we’ve achieved but I want to share my personal perspective on how we made this happen and hope that it will resonate with others in the industry - and, hopefully, help you with your management challenges too.