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New: Our Telco Trendbook – Recommendations for the CSPs of tomorrow

January 18, 2022
Steven BaileySteven BaileyChief Strategy Officer

Four steps to a successful "composable business" model: Interviews, insights and strategies for the telecommunications provider of tomorrow.

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A dynamic market and decreasing customer loyalty: Permanent change shapes today's telco industry.

We show communication service providers (CSPs) how to set up their organization in a way that enables them to react quickly and flexibly to changes – even in an unknown future.

In our telco trendbook, wie give CIOs, CTOs, CMOs and CPOs of telecommunication companies hands-on recommendations to boost their corporate success on various levels, for example customer loyalty, finance, corporate culture and IT.

The core of the recommendations is the concept of "composable business", which was first developed by the market research and consulting firm Gartner: This is a strategy that equips companies with the agility they need to adapt their business model and processes comprehensively to new conditions.

Steven Bailey

Steven Bailey

Chief Strategy Officer / AOE
Modularity and composability are essential for long-term success. This insight is the first prerequisite for composable business. If a CSP applies this knowledge to all processes and the whole organization, it may secure the decisive competitive advantage.

Four Steps to „Composable Business“

In cooperation with People at Work Systems, we compiled our knowledge and expertise from years of experience in the telecommunications industry in four chapters:

  1. (Re)Design of the business model: Examplary scenarios show how important it is for telco providers to react flexibly to challenges and changes.
  2. Information as the basis for decision making: We demonstrate how CSPs can profit from existing information using modern methods such as data mining, machine learning, predictive analytics and AI.
  3. Adaptive methods: A look at agile principles and approaches reveals what digital business can learn from software development.
  4. Modularization of the platform: We show what kind of software enables modular business units and data-driven operations.

More information and free download of the telco trendbook:

Download Telco Trendbook