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E-Health Salon 2022: Presentation "Agile ≠ Agile - Agility in the Healthcare Industry"

September 22, 2022
Alexander DallmerAlexander DallmerDirector Business Development

Digital health collaborations, use cases and business models - exactly our thing! Our healthcare experts led by Alexander Dallmer were at the E-Health Salon in Berlin. In a presentation on agility, they highlighted lessons learned from other industries that are also highly relevant for the healthcare sector.

Agility is unfortunately increasingly degenerating into a buzzword: everyone is supposedly working with it, but very few are actually living it. At AOE, we have been working intensively on the subject since our founding in 1999, both in terms of methodology, organization and corporate culture, and in terms of the conditions necessary for it to function efficiently and in fact be practiced. Using real examples from successful agile projects, our presentation will provide inspiration and inspiration for digitization projects in healthcare.

Download Presentation (in German)

The 4 key insights

In the presentation at E-Health Salon 2022, we summarized four key learnings from our major digitalization projects with Commerz Real, congstar and Singapore Airlines' KrisShop

1. An agile mindset is the basis for long-term positive impact

True agility and the transfer of responsibility promote a change in mindset. This lays the foundation for long-term positive impact, such as fast time-to-market.

Dr. Andreas Muschter

CEO / Commerz Real
AOE has helped us on all levels: how do I structure a digital project these days, how do I work in a truly agile way?

2. Moving targets can be achieved with agility

External influences or new insights during the course of the project cause the project goal to shift. Agility helps to achieve them anyway.

3. The more agile the overall company, the greater the benefits

The more agile a company is as a whole, the faster and more flexible it can react. An agile development project can be a first step.

4. Agility creates the space for change

Agility creates the necessary space to implement creative ideas as MVP quickly and easily, to test them "in real life" and to let them grow.

Fit for the future through agility

Agility is more than renaming existing processes and roles. Truly applied to the entrepreneurial organization and its processes, it helps enormously with the acceleration and flexibility of actions - an important basic requirement for modern companies in complex and volatile markets.

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