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500,000 Christmas Trees: The AOE Christmas Party 2019

December 19, 2019
Sarah HeimSarah HeimContent & Marketing Communications

One by one, they toppled at the AOE Christmas Party 2019. Don't worry, we aren't talking about the 500,000 trees planted or the employees, but about dominoes. For, the highlight of this year's Christmas party was clearly AOE Domino Day.

Frozen treetops under a clear winter sky: For the Christmas Party 2019, even the weather was in a holiday mood. On December 6, the employees of AOE came together at the Hofgut Mappen to celebrate another successful year away from the daily routine and their work. With its centuries-old tradition, the location was perfectly suited to look back on 20 years of AOE. However, AOE wouldn't be AOE if it wouldn't be looking toward the future as well – a future for which the company wants to take responsibility. Accordingly, employees have planted approximately 500,000 trees via Plant for the Planet.

Christmas Party: Celebration AOE style

After the rather contemplative look back, the active part of the evening began with the AOE Domino Day: In 40 teams, the employees proved that creativity, inventiveness and team spirit at AOE don't just play a crucial role in daily development work. So, there was a lot of planning, tinkering, building, testing and in the end amazement when the dominoes (well, at least most of them) toppled down, as intended, section by section – and one or the other crazy gimmick appeared.

After all that action, the anticipation of what was on the menu was even greater. And, while some ended the evening relaxing together, others celebrated on the dance floor – luckily without falling down.

Picture Gallery Christmas Party 2019