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Stadt Wien

Stadt Wien

A co-creation app for the city of Vienna & the concerns of its residents

The "Sag's Wien" app, developed for the City of Vienna, facilitates direct communication between residents and the city administration. The app allows users to report issues quickly and intuitively, track the status of their reports, and receive updates via push notifications. Implemented within 5 months, the app enhances civic engagement and supports Vienna's digital transformation efforts.

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Enhanced Communication

Improved dialogue between residents and city administration

Mobile and Personal

Made the city more accessible and responsive through the app

User-Friendly Reporting

Allowed residents to report issues easily via smartphone


How can communication with the city and its residents be promoted? On the path to making the city of Vienna more digital and accessible, the goal was set to engage more with its residents and to help shape the city. With the consequently developed “Sag’s Wien” (Tell Vienna) app, the City of Vienna became more mobile, more personal, more connected - and the joint dialogue between citizens and the administration was made better.The design & implementation of the “Sag’s Wien” app took only 5 months. To promote new agile ways of working, we have set up the digital innovation lab “PACE”.