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Monitoring your software service architecture effortlessly. We created an Open Source tool.

Vistecture is a powerful tool that enables you to easily visualize, analyze and document your (micro)service oriented software architecture.

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Web Visualization

Visualize your microservices and their dependencies easily in the browser.

One Source, Many Use Cases

Generate various documentation artifacts from one central architecture description.


Get an easy overview of additional information concerning your components, e.g. their status.

Why Vistecture?

  • Use Vistecture to visualize your software service architecture, including dependencies.
  • Use different kinds of documentation for your customers.
  • The Vistecture dashboard provides you with an overview of all the components with additional information.
  • Vistecture supports Graphviz and Pivio.

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Daniel Pötzinger

Daniel Pötzinger

When we couldn't find a fitting solution for application architecture visualization for a project, we created Vistecture to serve our client's exact needs.