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TYPO3: Now or never!

July 07, 2015
Author Alain VeuveAlain VeuveManaging Director, AOE Switzerland

Alain Veuve's thoughts on TYPO3's return to prominence

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to say a few words about TYPO3 at the TYPO3 Camp Berlin 15. Sebastian Kreideweiß asked me whether I could provide a short briefing on the project from my point of view. I am occasionally asked what value to place on the different changes and how the project will develop. Needless to say, although I don't have any sort of interpretational sovereignty, I naturally have my own thoughts on the subject. Here are some of my ideas.

Where are we at?

I think TYPO3 is at one of the most important turning points in its history. The next twelve months will decide whether TYPO3 will continue to prosper or stagnate.

The chance that TYPO3 will once again make it back to the top, is better now than it's been in years!

Why is that?, some of you might think. For me, the following four points are crucial:

A revitalized core team und Mr. full-time PO

That Mathias Schreiber (Matthes) has made himself available as a full-time PO (or rather, that WMDB gave him time off to do so) is an absolute stroke of luck for TYPO3. His commitment and coordination, his drive and motivation have caused many more people to contribute and help to advance TYPO3. What the team has accomplished in the past months is sensational and I am sure we will see more things that we would not have expected.


For far too long we have tried to maintain the balance of two products. I myself realized this too late and thought it would be far simpler to continue to develop everything under one roof. Unfortunately, that wasn't the right answer. The situation paralyzed both the Neos and TYPO3 teams. That we were now able to ease this tension and that we were able to do so in such a way that both teams have emerged invigorated is of critical importance. The split has released new strength in both teams. And that is exactly why we did what we did. When Robert Lemke and I spoke about the upcoming days a few hours before the announcement, we both agreed that we would probably be on the receiving end of intense criticism. That this didn't happen shows that, though participants in this community discuss issues for a long time and intensively at that and also like to rant on occasion, sound argumentation and values are more important.

The TYPO3 spirit

TYPO3 events such as the TYPO3 Camp Berlin repeatedly show how good the spirit of the community is. Though I couldn't stay long in Berlin, I could sense it immediately. The camp was sold out and countless sessions were suggested. Where else can you find 150+ people on a weekend who meet to exchange ideas and knowledge? It is this spirit, which we have preserved – and which makes TYPO3 so special.

TYPO3 Association

I think the TYPO3 Association is more active than ever and will become even more active in the future. The many new people are good for the committees and we are in the most active “doing” phase in our history. Preparations for structural change are in full swing, there is a lot to do and to be honest, in many instances I don't yet have an actual plan how to implement everything. This work will keep me extremely busy the upcoming months and I hope we can reach as many of the goals expressed in Scenario 3 as possible.

What next?

“Nothing good happens unless it results in action,” the German author and poet Erich Kästner once said.

It's in our hands. In each and every one of us. No, Matthes cannot do it alone, nor can Olivier or the association. It will require every one of you to make the future of TYPO3 a bright and promising one. I repeat: The opportunity is as good as it's ever been. Let's get to work.