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eBay Enterprise broadens partner program, provides global omnichannel capabilities

January 13, 2015
Author Christian HolzschuhChristian Holzschuh
Marketing & Communications

Full Spectrum of Solution Partners Can Now Provide Best-of-Breed Omnichannel Solutions – “powered by eBay Enterprise”

eBay Enterprise, an eBay Inc. company, today announced a global program that will provide retail solution and business consulting firms, system integrators, and digital agencies focused on omnichannel marketing and commerce innovation a new way to partner with eBay Enterprise.

Today's announcement marks a milestone for eBay Enterprise and its expanding network of global partners, creating a unique opportunity for consultants focused on retail commerce for upmarket and enterprise merchants. Now partners can advise, design and integrate omnichannel commerce solutions powered by eBay Enterprise including Magento, Retail Order Management, Store and Warehouse Fulfillment and Customer Care.

"This expansion of access underscores our commitment to our partners. We are offering new opportunities to Magento's partner ecosystem and establishing avenues for new global partners to benefit from our high-growth omnichannel offerings," stated Craig Hayman, president, eBay Enterprise.

Craig Hayman

Craig Hayman

President / eBay Enterprise
This is just the beginning as we set the stage for future program enhancements that create mutual opportunities for growth with our key partners.

International expansion and global coverage are vital to many retailers, and as they expand interests in Europe, China and Latin America, eBay Enterprise continues to pursue and evolve partnerships with innovative, global agencies such as Isobar, global service providers such as EPAM and Infosys, and multi-national partners such as Bridge Consulting Group, AOE, Vaimo, and Gorilla.

"The strategic partnership with eBay Enterprise is a natural and perfect addition to our global ecommerce services portfolio. No other partnership could enable us to provide such a high quality 360° omnichannel solution offering supporting our leading Open Source, integration and consulting services," said Kian Gould, CEO, AOE.

Kian Gould

Kian Gould

Expanding our Magento partnership to include eBay Enterprise puts AOE in a perfect spot to compete for global accounts that few companies can service at this level.

AOE press releases

Combining expertise in cybersecurity: AOE launches subsidiary Bare.ID

WIESBADEN, August 09, 2021 - AOE, one of the world's leading service providers for digital transformation, headquartered in Wiesbaden, the capital of the German state of Hesse, is launching Bare.ID, a fully-managed-as-a-service identity, authentication and authorization solution. Hosted exclusively as a central single sign-on authentication and authorization point in German data centers, the identity management solution administers a directory of identities (PII) and their access rights to the various applications. AOE guarantees the highest security standards and complies with German data protection regulations. Bare.ID serves as a central single sign-on authentication and authorization point for application landscapes and connects all services via standard protocols such as OpenID Connect or SAML. Furthermore, Bare.ID manages information about the identities of users. These can either be maintained manually by the customer or can be connected via federation techniques to external identity sources such as an existing Active Directory or Identity and Access Management System at the customer's site, but also third party single sign-on systems. At the same time, Bare.ID enables customers to obtain an overview of accesses, login failures, insecure or expired passwords or orphaned accounts for their internal compliance reports and then also to integrate these into their own security incident event monitoring. IT departments can thus be sustainably supported and relieved in the creation and administration of user accounts – while adhering to company-internal compliance guidelines. Thanks to preconfigured applications, users can use Bare.ID without any specialist knowledge; the technical complexity and the security-relevant configurations are not visible to the user. The fact that the proper handling of personal data and business-critical information is no longer a voluntary option is well known. Bare.ID stores all data in daily backups highly secure alternatively in two data centers located in Germany. "Our participation in the initiatives "IT Security – Made in Germany", "Software Hosted in Germany" as well as Cloud Services – Made in Germany" are proof of trustworthy security solutions from AOE. Bare.ID thus complies with strict German data protection laws," says Steffen Ritter, Commercial Director Cybersecurity at AOE GmbH.