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AOE opens Office in Hong Kong
AOE opens Office in Hong Kong
September 08, 2015 | Categories: AOE, News & Trends
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AOE, global Open Source web integrator, announced today the opening of its first APAC office in Hong Kong.

“We’re excited to open our first branch office outside of Europe and the United States,” said Kian Gould, founder and CEO of AOE. “AOE China is a big step for us, as we see a huge business potential for providers of premium Open Source solutions, both in China as well as the entire Asia-Pacific region. Our goal is to further consolidate our position as first point-of-contact for pure play E-Commerce- and Omnichannel retailers seeking to expand on a global scale.”

According to Gould, Open Source Enterprise web services are an open playing field in APAC, as the entire region lacks established vendors – one of the main reasons AOE chose to align its corporate strategy to better meet the needs of the region – with Hong Kong as its APAC hub. With the new office, Gould considers AOE to be in the perfect position to pave the way for global brands and products that want to enter the Chinese E-Commerce market.

AOE China, Hong Kong

AOE China Ltd.
25/F Workington Tower
78 Bonham Strand
Sheung Wan
Hong Kong
Tel.: +852 3959 5196
Fax: +852 3959 5100
E-Mail: sales-cn@aoe.com

Location: AOE China, Hong Kong