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PXM maturity assessment of your company: Are you adopter or champion?

December 07, 2020
Christian HolzschuhChristian HolzschuhOnline Marketing

Akeneo is an excellent PIM system that enables successful Product Experience Management (PXM). But not every system fits to every company and not every company is sufficiently prepared for an outstanding Product Experience. The question is: What is the PXM maturity level of your company - and how can you find out? This question will be answered in the following assessment.

Is your company a PXM Adopter, Innovator or Champion? To answer this question, our partner Akeneo has created a quick test with 14 questions that covers 3 areas:

  • Processes (8 questions): Are your processes and workflows sufficiently scalable and standardized?
  • People (3 questions): Are your teams collaborative and employees sufficiently enabled to create outstanding customer experiences?
  • Technology (3 questions): Are you using the right tools and systems that support modern omnichannel experiences?

The assessment takes about 4 minutes. The result is a report with a PXM maturity score including personalised insights and recommendations. All answers are treated anonymously. It is worth it - have fun!

Start PXM assessment: What is the PXM maturity of your company?

Suggested reading: Further insights on this topic can be found in the Akeneo blog post "Adopter, Innovator, Champion: Assess your PXM maturity" on Do you have specific questions about Akeneo PIM or how to improve the maturity level of your company? Then contact us at - we are looking forward to discussing with you!