AOE is regularly looking for qualified employees, especially in the area of software development. We are looking for creative and responsible personalities who can work well in agile teams with agile processes and methods. At AOE you can start as a student, or experienced professional, we’re looking for a good match, regardless of career level.

Personalities for AOE

For us, your personal capabilities are even more important than technical qualifications. In order to work in teams in a self-motivated, responsible mannter, the following values are especially important to us:

Independent and Self-motivated

Our teams are agile and structured without hierarchies. The teams organize themselves and their projects independently in consultation with the customers. Tasks are discussed and distributed within the team. Deadlines are agreed with the customer. All team members must actively plan and prioritize their tasks. These agile structures require a high degree of self-responsibility and reliability on the part of the employees.

Creative, Innovative and Solution-oriented

Our commitment to our work is ambitious and demanding: We want to develop the best solutions for our customers. We regularly strike out in new, innovative directions and set milestones in Open Source development. In addition to competence, interest in new technologies, A willingness to learn and enthusiasm as well as flexibility are therefore important characteristics of our employees.

Communicative and Team-minded

We value a good atmosphere in the office and in the teams. A prerequisite for this is social competence, a positive mentality and respectful cooperation. A willingness to help colleagues is natural – within and between the teams. We stand for openness and transparency – so we also expect our employees to be fair, honest and considerate in everyday life.

Sought-after Qualifications

For our agile teams we are looking for qualified personalities with different qualifications in the field of web development. Our teams have the following roles, for which we are regularly looking for reinforcements.

  • Software Concept Developers and -Architects: The optimal solutions for our customers require excellent planning and conceptualization. Concept developers plan and conceive the structural design as well as the user experience. Software architects develop the framework and structure of the planned solution.
  • Software Testers: Software testers evaluate the developments, report bugs and ensure software quality. At AOE, testers are an inherent element of the Dev team.
  • Developers (Frontend- and Backend): Developers are responsible for the implementation of required features and functionalities,Independently organize the subdivision of the requirements (user stories) into individual tasks. We attach great importance to cross-functional teams in which the members work hand-in-hand and the individual employees deepen their skills
  • Product Owners: In agile projects, the Product Owner represents the technical view of the client, is responsible for the product vision as well as the commissioning, prioritization, modification and acceptance of the requirements and features.
  • Scrum Masters: The Scrum Master ist the guardian of the Scrum process. He is responsible for functioning processes and compliance with the rules and guidelines of Scrum. He also optimizes processes, is responsible for removing impediments and protects the Dev team from external interferences, which distract from the work at hand.

our vacancies

All Career Levels

We are looking for qualified applicants and ambitious talents at all career levels. You can expect interesting and demanding projects and extensive exchange of knowledge with our experienced developers.

Professionals with Experience

You already have professional experience and are interested in taking on responsibility in an agile team with enormous development opportunities and to realize your visions with a team of extraordinary professionals? Then AOE is the right place for you. You can expect a challenging international position and numerous renowned projects. By the way, our passion for code and code quality is more important than deadlines, budgets and spaghetticode. Naturally, you can also expect a fair salary.

Entry-level Positions

You’re fresh from the university and are looking for the right employer to get started? We regularly give graduates the opportunity to take their first professional steps at AOE. You will receive all the help you need when starting; you are never alone – we have an individual mentoring program to ensure this, among other measures.

Working Students

In addition to your studies, you would like to gain your first experience in the development of projects while also improving your bank account? Then a job as a working student with us is just the thing for you. Here, you have the chance to try out your skills and actively participate in our projects – under the guidance of experienced professionals. At AOE, you will become acquainted with agile teams and how they work. Your exams are coming up? No problem, your studies take priority – you are entirely flexible in organizing your working hours, in consultation with the teams. By the way, we often hire our students after they complete their studies. 

Student Theses

Are you looking for a practical topic for your thesis? We are happy to support students with a suitable topic in their Bachelor or Masters thesis. Just talk to us and we will find a suitable topic together. In particular, we have already worked on a number of theses with students from the Hochschule Rhein Main, but we also welcome students from other universities and technical colleges. 

Dual Course of Studies

Training and studies at the same time? Together with the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, AOE offers the possibility of a dual course of studies with a focus on computer sciences. During the course of your studies, there will be practical phases in the company so that the academic teachings are closely interlinked with practical experience. AOE offers the following dual studies: 

  • Computer Science dual - KoSI (B.Sc.): Cooperative course of studies analogous to the general Bachelor degree in dual form
  • Computer Science dual - KITS (B.Sc.): Cooperative course of studies with focus on IT security


You want to fulfill the internship requirements from your university or polytechnic college at AOE or simply gain insights into what we do? We are glad to offer flexible internships to students of computer science and media informatics. The minimum period for an internship is three months. In addition, you should at least be in the third semester. You can also do your final thesis following your internship with us.


You want to gain practical experience immediately after secondary school. Then the apprentice program for IT Specialists fits the bill. AOE offers apprenticeships for IT specialists in application development and systems integration.

How we search – Application Process

You’re interested in a position at AOE? Following, we will explain how our application process and your start at AOE work. We process applications in timely fashion; as a rule, the application process comprises three essential steps:

  1. Personal Meeting
  2. Code as Work Sample
  3. Conversation with the Team
Astrid Judkins

Astrid Judkins


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