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How we work
How we work

Quality, agility, progress.
We utilize change.

There's no standing still: We know that completely different technologies and challenges await us in the next 5 years. We are preparing ourselves and our customers to deal with these – every day.

Working with experts

Here, we are all professionals when it comes to what we do. In order for things to remain this way and for as many people as possible to benefit from this, we work collaboratively and in interdisciplinary fashion – and we place great value on an exchange of knowledge and experiences among teams and employees.

  • Participation in agile meetups
  • Hosting of user groups
  • Communities of Practice (CoP) & Communities of Interest (CoI) as internal collaboration platforms

We embrace agility
every day

For us, it’s more than just a buzzword: We cultivate an agile corporate culture; our teams work using agile methods and are structured accordingly. We also gladly share this way of working with our customers.

  • Work based on SCRUM and/or Kanban
  • Dailies, sprint plannings and retrospectives
  • Scrum master on every team
  • Team size of 5 to 8 members
  • Regular company-wide reflections

We value
high software quality

Delivering custom-made, high-quality solutions is what we expect of ourselves. To maintain the high quality of our software, we use various approaches. 

  • Pair Programming
  • Code Reviews
  • Cross-team knowledge transfer

Innovation through personal development

In order to keep creating innovative technologies and solution approaches, we, as a company, have to keep developing ourselves. That’s why we provide our employees with internal trainings and an annual training budget.

  • Technical challenges & exciting projects
  • Ever-changing industries, topics & disciplines
  • Yearly training budget of EUR 2,000 per employee
  • AOE Academy (including internal tech workshops & Scrum training)

Relaxed atmosphere and positive work environment

Creative solutions and innovative ideas require time and focus. With us, you have both, so that you can really concentrate on your work.

  • Work environment without pressure, reportings or KPIs
  • Trust & individual responsibility
  • Working at eye level
  • Your team is your safe space
Raza Ahmed

Raza Ahmed

UX Designer & Software Developer / AOE
Nothing is set in stone here. That applies to processes, but also to roles. I started out as a developer, and now I'm a UX designer. I'm very happy that I was able to follow this path with AOE.

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Jana Roßkopf
Annika Sander

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