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Singapore Airlines reinvents in-flight and online shopping with all-new KrisShop

August 22, 2019
Christian HolzschuhChristian HolzschuhMarketing & Communications

Singapore Airlines (SIA), one of the world’s leading airlines, announced that it has completely redesigned and remodeled its KrisShop in-flight offering into a separate subsidiary focused on global travel retail E-Commerce. The model includes pre-ordering goods up to 60 minutes before flight departure, mixed-cart transactions for in-flight- and home delivery, and Ctrip integration, to name but three of numerous new features. The airline’s flagship E-Commerce solution is powered by OM³, making it the first airline to go live with AOE’s award-winning Travel Retail Marketplace. The all-new KrisShop for in-flight and online shopping is further illustration of SIA’s efforts to transform its business model to meet the challenges in today’s complex business environment.

“We have been working ceaselessly to create a richer and smarter shopping experience for our passengers,” said Chris Pok, CEO of KrisShop. “With our new KrisShop, we can now offer them the ultimate in customer convenience, while being able to react to the market with timely new content and targeted campaigns. The new solution provides us with a solid foundation for our digital business and will help ensure the success of our airline, now and in the future.”

Chris Pok

Chris Pok

CEO / KrisShop
With our new KrisShop, we can now offer our passengers the ultimate in customer convenience, while being able to react to the market with timely new content and targeted campaigns.

“We are excited that Singapore Airlines is our first airline partner in the Travel Retail space,” AOE founder and CEO Kian Gould commented. “That this renowned and innovative airline is completely digitalizing its travel retail business model through its own dedicated subsidiary KrisShop Pte Ltd. is a clear signal to the industry that such a model is crucial for the continued viability within aviation and travel retail. We are convinced that only those airlines that take a personalized omnichannel approach to their E-Commerce business will be capable of increasing customer loyalty and in creating new sustainable sources of revenue.”

New Features for new Revenue Streams

The KrisShop team placed particular emphasis on an appealing presentation of best-selling brands in its store. Premium brands such as Apple, Bang & Olufsen and Chloé benefit from the shop-in-shop concept – including own corporate design (images, logo, user experience, navigation, etc.). This approach makes it easier to reach a broader, more targeted audience, helping to generate new revenue streams – both for the brands and the airline. Customers can reach the other featured brands (Clinique, Samsonite, Bottega Veneta, etc.) through a drop-down menu. KrisShop customers can currently choose from nearly 350 featured brands with more than 3,000 products on offer.

In addition to these pages, KrisShop also features Concept Stores, which are used to create customized, event-related pages, such as for Formula 1, KrisShop Cares (its CSO initiative) or for special offers, such as a campaigns focusing on local products.

Another convenient feature is that passengers can shop from 60 days up to 24 hours before departure; with selected goods that are readily held in stock and easy to transport, that window is further expanded to up to 60 minutes pre-flight. Delivery can be in-flight or to the customer’s home; for duty-free prices, a valid flight number is required. Mixed-cart transactions for in-flight- and home delivery in one shopping cart are also possible. Payment can be carried out via credit card, loyalty points or a mixture of both.

In addition to its new in-flight offering, KrisShop continues to integrate new third-party vendors to create new sources for revenue. For example, when a passenger books a flight through Ctrip (the largest online travel agency in China), KrisShop products are automatically offered and can be ordered directly when booking a flight.

Innovative Travel Retail Joint Venture

The completely revamped KrisShop brand and platform is part of a joint venture between Singapore Airlines, 3Sixty (formerly DFASS) and SATS. SIA provides the framework with KrisShop, the KrisFlyer frequent flyer program, passenger data and nearly half a century of unparalleled experience as a global carrier; 3Sixty is responsible for the supplier network and providing a world-class retail experience; as an integrated service provider, SATS brings its airport and logistics expertise to the offering.

The joint venture creates innovative opportunities for all parties. Airlines, airports, retailers, brands and – last but not least – passengers will benefit from a state-of-the-art digital solution as well as an optimal customer experience. The endeavor represents an important step in the digitalization of travel retail.

With its new KrisShop subsidiary, Singapore Airlines is ready to tackle the challenges faced by today’s travel retail industry. The OM³-based platform is scalable, powerful and continuously adding more benefits to its loyal customer base.

About KrisShop

KrisShop represents the cutting edge of online and in-flight digital travel retail solutions. Customers can choose from 3,000 curated products on offer by nearly 350 premium brands. The KrisShop team has been working to create a richer and smarter shopping experience for its customer base of more than 35 million people. KrisShop’s customers can order goods up to 60 minutes pre-flight for on-board seat delivery. Purchases can also be delivered to the home, both locally and abroad – whether a customer is a flying passenger or simply shopping online.

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