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In recent years, Storybook has become the de facto standard for creating UI components in isolation. We have been using Storybook in many projects for quite some time now and really loving the approach.

With version 6, the config has been greatly simplified to achieve the goal of a zero-config approach in the future.

  • compatible and easy to integrate with major frameworks like React, Angular, Vue.js ...
    • presets for Create React App, Next.js, nuxt ...
  • build in TypeScript support
  • build in addons like controls, actions, docs ...
  • growing library of third party addons

Storybook is a user interface development environment and playground for UI components. The tool enables developers to create components independently and showcase components interactively in an isolated development environment. Storybook runs outside the main app so users can develop UI components in isolation without worrying about app specific dependencies and requirements.