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Figma became our go-to tool for the next generation collaborative design. It allowed UX/UI designers, engineers, stakeholders, product managers, and other roles to view, inspect and comment on designs and wireframes, create high- and low-fidelity prototypes, and much more.

Figma puts together all of the features we used in different tools (Axure, Miro, Abstract, Sketch, Anima, Invision) in one. It allowed us to make a single source of truth for our products, create design systems, and eliminate the vast majority of the pain points we faced in the past. It became beneficial, especially in remote and distributed design work, and speed up all our design-related processes. In addition to its real-time design and collaboration capabilities, Figma also offers an extensive, community-backed plugin collection and a robust API that helps to improve the DesignOps processes.