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At AOE, we have adopted Helmfile as a complementary tool to Helm. It is a declarative spec for deploying helm charts providing additional functionality such as:

  • Separation between environment specific and general values
  • Simplified secrets management with support for external applications, e.g. Vault
  • Remote state storage in e.g. S3, similar to Terraform

Overall, Helmfile makes it a lot easier to manage and maintain multiple Helm charts and releases.


Helm has a fast growing community and is used in more and more projects. It's our default tool to manage Kubernetes resources - every other alternative has to benchmark itself with it. Therefore, we have updated it to "adopt".


Helm is a package manager for Kubernetes, which simplifies the deployment of applications into a Kubernetes cluster and provides additional features like e.g. versioning and rollbacks.


For managing deployments within Kubernetes we use Helm, which makes templating Kubernetes configuration files super easy (also known as Helm charts).