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Harbor has become the de-facto standard for self-hosted container registries in our projects.


We continue to utilize Harbor in our projects. Since the last iteration of the AOE Technology Radar, we have discovered both existing and new features that we find useful:

  • An official Terraform provider for provisioning Harbor resources through Infrastructure as Code (IaC).
  • The introduction of Proxy Cache projects, which serve as pull-through caches for public container registries. These can, among other benefits, help reduce external network traffic.

Harbor is a CNCF-graduated open-source container registry. We use it to host custom-built container images from our projects. Key benefits for us are:

  • Harbor automatically scans all container images with Trivy
  • fine-grained access control allows Harbor to be used in a multi-team environment
  • its extensive API allows easy adaption to custom needs, like retention policies
  • support for image signing with Cosign