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AOE Ski Trip 2020: Wintersports, vacation, and views

February 14, 2020
Sarah HeimSarah HeimContent & Marketing Communications

Steep downhill runs, breathtaking summit views, culinary delights – once again, AOE employees came together for the traditional ski trip in 2020 to take a three-day break from everyday life in the glacier landscape of the Ötztal Alps. This year the tour led to the Austrian town of Obergurgl, more precisely to The Crystal Lifestyle Hotel. More than 120 employees from three offices took part and let the alpine air whistle through their hair  on or off the slopes.

Tobogganing, skiing, snowboarding and hiking: Of course, the trip offered everything winter sports fans could ask for – including lavish dinners at the hotel and social gatherings in mountain huts. Still, these were not usual skiing holidays by the numbers. Why not?

Impressions of the AOE Ski Trip 2020 in the video:

Up instead of down

Most of the time, people tend to orient themselves downwards in winter sports, more precisely: down the slope. With AOE, people like to look upwards – metaphorically speaking, but in this case also quite literally. So a number of technophile employees gathered on a mountain ridge, not to enjoy the fine weather or the view, but to send various drones into the sky. Just the thing to make Techie hearts beat faster! (However, professional tech equipment was not just flying through the air: Equipped with GoPro and and other impressive gear, some employees recorded their ski runs impressively for posterity).

Poker instead of piste

Sporting ambition is all well and good, but poker was particularly ambitious. So, while during the day it was all about staying on your feet, the evenings were all about who had the best hand – and the best poker face.

Swimsuit instead of ski outfit

The hotel also had a plethora of heated pools on offer, both indoor and out, as well as seven saunas. It could happen that a member of staff disappeared into the seemingly endless expanse of the wellness facility. (In the end, however, everyone reappeared recovered and refreshed – and ready to tackle everyday life again).

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