AOE is a committed and continuously expanding team of agile web development specialists. The management team consists of four personalities who possess an immense amount of experience, knowledge and know-how in developing and implementing state-of-the-art Open Source Enterprise web solutions.

Kian T. Gould – Founder and CEO

Kian T. Gould is the CEO and Founder of AOE and is responsible for strategy, vision and growth of the company since 1999. He is a regular speaker at many global conferences, and a well-known expert in global E-Commerce, airport digitalization and agile management. For the past 20 years, he has guided his global teams in assisting dozens of global Fortune 1000 companies with their Digital Transformation and Omnichannel E-Commerce strategies.

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Daniel Pötzinger – Chief Technology Officer

Daniel Pötzinger has many years of experience in the development and architecture of Enterprise Web Applications. He has worked with many great self-organized agile teams and knows how collaboration and mutual inspiration – together with the right technologies and patterns – makes software projects successful and solving challenges fun. He is also an active member of various Open Source communities and has gained extensive experience in building and designing performance-critical applications in an Enterprise environment. In addition, Daniel has comprehensive knowledge about how to establish DevOps and Continuous Delivery practices in IT organizations. At AOE, Daniel has provided consulting services and helped implement more than 100 Enterprise projects for such renowned clients as Deutsche Telekom, congstar, Rovio, Cisco WebEx, QVC and VMware. In addition, he continues to oversee the development of AOE products such as Searchperience, a sophisticated Enterprise search and recommendation engine and Flamingo, a scalable frontend framework for headless microservice architectures and modern commerce applications.

Steven Bailey – Chief Strategy Officer

Steven Bailey has many years of expertise in the digital transformation of international companies as well as the development of their business- and IT visions. As Chief Strategy Officer at AOE, he is responsible for business development and advising clients in the area of digitalization and Omnichannel E-Commerce strategies. One of his main focus areas is the development of B2X transaction portals and mobile solutions that enable companies to map new business models and generate sustainable revenue streams. The clients he advises cover the entire range of industries – from wholesale and retail, aviation, automotive and industry to life science and telco.

In addition, the British-born designer can look back on more than 20 years of experience in international brand communications and has won numerous corporate design awards. 

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Joern Bock – Chief Operating Officer

Joern Bock is responsible for the global organizational structure of AOE. This includes the expansion and structuring of AOE’s global locations, the continuous development of the organizational structure and the improvement of the organization’s ability to deliver. He is also responsible for operational topics ranging from HR to finance. He is particularly passionate about agility and corporate culture and their interplay, which at AOE always focuses on the employee.

After studying engineering, Joern Bock founded several successful startups during the New Economy era. Today, he contributes the experience gained to AOE in project management and the development of a delivery organization. As one of the pioneers in the field of agility, new work and self-organization, he has been intensively involved with the opportunities created by knowledge work in modern working environments and is in demand as a speaker at numerous conferences.

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How we build Agile Teams

The management team approaches its work from a servant leadershop point of view; for the most part, project management is the responsibility of the project teams. For this approach to succeed, an appropriate corporate culture and an optimal team structure are essential. Our agile project teams usually work using the Scrum model. Teams consists of five to nine team members with different roles.

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