congstar: Sales- and Customer Selfcare Portal


Independent and rapid creation of congstar campaigns and landing pages with TYPO3 by marketing- and sales staff.


Target audience-specific content pages automatically individualize specific product offers and prices, depending on the referrer link.

Customer Service

Flexible, web-based contract structures reduce congstar's internal service costs and simplify Customer Selfcare maintenance.

“You want it. You get it” - is the slogan congstar uses to attract customers. Now the young mobile carrier is getting what it wants from AOE, a telco E-Commerce framework based entirely on the widely used Open Source Content Management System (CMS) TYPO3. Deutsche Telekom AG subsidiary congstar had ambitious plans – moving the entire web architecture to TYPO3 within one year.

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For a company to completely switch its business-critical IT is unusual, and courageous. congstar markets all of its products primarily online, so that the relaunch affected the complete company structure. AOE handled the web development, consisting of CMS, product configuration and order processes, campaign management system, customer service, sales partner portal and white label sales.

Ulf Menssen
We've become even faster and more flexible by using TYPO3. This saves time – and especially money. Above all, we are independent. Our employees can independently create marketing campaigns within a very short time, individually adjust the customer area and carry out all changes to our products by themselves. In this way we really live our motto ‘You want it. You get it.’
Ulf Menssen
Director Sales


The new platform is embedded in an overall architecture that also includes a central order management and workflow system, as well as a billing system. To execute the project AOE received the help of capable partners. Workflow expert Compax in Austria handled the workflow component, while mr. nexnet took care of billing handling. Redundancy-free data flows are provided throughout, as are flexible configuration options specially tailored to congstar’s agile business. Campaigns and landing pages can be created directly in the CMS by congstar sales and marketing staff, saving valuable time. Previously, the company needed approximately six months to introduce a new product, but now the time to market can be reduced to a few days. A new campaign can be configured and launched online in just five minutes. This is of major importance for a company such as congstar, whose business-critical processes run exclusively online in a rapidly-changing market. Equally important for online sales is content personalization. TYPO3 enables editors to create content for specific target groups. For example, prices or product offers can change depending on the referrer link the user comes to the page from. The system can even be tailored to individual user behavior differences, whether those for returning customer or prospects. Customer service is also key. congstar's contract structures are flexible; customers can combine different plans and packages and change them at any time. Naturally, this also takes place online, reducing costs for congstar. Likewise the Customer Self Care portal can be fully managed and maintained from within the CMS.


The complete solution, “E-Commerce Framework for Telcos” (EFT), was developed by AOE uniquely for use by telecommunications providers and carriers, and was first successfully implemented at congstar. Today, the company can easily manage five million visitors per day and thousands of concurrent visitors with the new platform.

About congstar

Trendy, courageous, innovative – that’s congstar. Launched as a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG in July 2007, congstar offers highly competitive broadband Internet access, VOIP-telephony services and cellular phone coverage throughout Germany.


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