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Co-creation as the success factor –
agility and innovation since 2008

Short time-to-market
for new features

thanks to microservice
architecture and agility

Outstanding customer satisfaction

thanks to customer self-care
and personalization

Consulting and
implementation at eye level

thanks to years of understanding
the business case

IT development partner to Germany’s most popular mobile network operator

Innovative thinking. Disruptive technologies. Agile methods. Close collaboration. Satisfied retail customers. As an IT development partner, AOE has supported the success of congstar, one of Germany’s most popular mobile network operators and the leading second brand from Deutsche Telekom, since 2008.

Of course, a lot has happened since the beginning of this strategic partnership in 2008 – both in the telco market in general and in terms of technology, which was reflected repeatedly at different levels of the project. To better meet current requirements, the architecture of the e-commerce and sales solution was converted from monolith to microservices, for example, and the organization and structure of the development teams were adapted.

What remained constant: the agile collaboration as equals, the satisfaction of congstar's customers (the trade magazine connect recently recognized congstar as “mobile provider of the year” for the eleventh year running), and the aspiration to always tailor products, solutions, and features to the needs of the users. congstar and AOE have always been a perfect match when it comes to their methods and company cultures.

The result is a collaboration in which both sides have the necessary grasp of the brand and its business objectives to scrutinize future ideas and approaches critically – and tackle future challenges ideally with combined expertise.

The challenge

In light of the technical possibilities, changing customer behavior, and permanent competitive pressures in aggressive market, congstar’s products and the underlying infrastructure require continual adaptation. One of the greatest challenges here is to get new products to the market quickly, despite the complex background processes, while continuing to provide an outstanding user experience and optimal customer self-care options.

Therefore, the technology solution not only had to integrate all the systems relevant for the customer-facing channels, but also the apps and distribution partners’ systems, for example. As the scope of the solution grew, the requirements of the structure and extent of the involved teams also increased, making the project even more complex.

As a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, congstar also has to manage a balancing act and achieve compatibility between its own innovation-driven aspirations and the historically evolved, safety-focused – and thus more cautious – rules of its parent company.

Axel Orbach

Axel Orbach

Managing Director / congstar
Du willst es. Du kriegst es. (You want it. You’ll get it.) That’s not just a slogan for us. It is impressive how much AOE considers customer satisfaction at all levels of collaboration and repeatedly deploys technologies that ensure our products truly meet the needs of our customers.

The solution

To guarantee the required flexibility and speed, the solution was converted to a microservice architecture. This enabled the teams to work independently and get new features online much more quickly (or modify them) as isolated microservices.

Agile work was another prerequisite for enabling innovation-driven action. AOE supported congstar in using agile methods from the beginning: The mobile provider was one of the earliest agile projects in Germany and continues to consistently use an iterative method with MVP (minimum viable product) to this day.

This early go-live approach makes it possible to test new functions or products directly with customers and improve the user experience continually, as confirmed by A/B tests and ongoing analyses of user behavior (through customer journey analytics, for example). Personalization at multiple levels (such as personalized offers) gives customer satisfaction an additional boost.

Thanks to this long-standing partnership, AOE has far more relevant expertise than is usual for a strictly development partner: The collaboration has fostered deep understanding of the customer’s business case. As such, AOE is involved in processes and product development at a very early stage and brings historical knowledge of the background of developments to the table, in addition to technological and methodological expertise.

When necessary, for example, we brainstorm to find creative ways of fulfilling Deutsche Telekom’s group requirements in the solution without losing speed or the power to innovate–for example, by automating complex documentation processes.

Management Summary

Co-creation since 2008: congstar and AOE have repeatedly adapted the e-commerce and distribution platform to the latest requirements of the saturated telco market.

Thanks to the microservice architecture and agile working methods, new features can go live quickly, contributing to high long-term customer satisfaction. This was confirmed by the repeated award as “mobile provider of the year” from the trade magazine connect. Aside from the customer-facing channels (online shop and customer self-care area), the solution also integrates the systems for distribution partners and apps.

AOE has supported the mobile provider from the beginning with establishing agile methods and implementing innovations. The result is a future-oriented, scalable, cloud-based platform and trusted collaboration at eye level.

Kian Gould

Kian Gould

CEO and founder / AOE
We are tremendously proud of the opportunity to redefine customer-focused telecommunications services in co-creation with congstar since 2008 – in close cooperation at eye-level.

Business Benefits

  • Platform solution for online shop, customer self-care, and distribution partners
  • Speed and flexibility through agile structures and conversion to a microservice architecture
  • Fast time-to-market for new features thanks to independent development teams
  • Customer-centricity thanks to optimized customer self-care portal and personalization
  • Costs and effort reduced through automation and digitalization of business processes
  • Future-oriented solution: also cloud-based
  • Consulting and implementation at eye level



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