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Event Storming

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Event Storming is a method of modeling business processes using domain events.

With complex business processes, people usually know their part of the process very well. Having people from different departments in one room, allows (and requires!) a conversation. Knowledge silos get opened up. All learnings can be directly visualized.

We tried this method a couple of times with different sized scopes. We believe it can be of value and has potential.

Method Overview

It's like brainstorming - with the goal to visualize a business line or process.

Event Storming is done in a workshop format.

To get a business process modeled quickly and complete, it's important to get domain experts, developers, UX and everybody else who is involved to some extent in the related business line into one room. With virtually unlimited space for modeling using big paper rolls put onto the walls, equipped with colored stickies and markers, the modeling workshop can start.

During the workshop, the goal is to model the big picture, without limiting or focusing just on parts of a process.