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TypeScript has become more widely used and is now considered the industry standard for most JavaScript projects and provides the means to prevent errors during development, refactor code, scale projects, and enhance code collaboration.

Its widespread adoption and the support of a large community contribute to further improving and documenting the language.

TypeScript is our language of choice for both existing and future projects, allowing us to write robust and clean JavaScript code.


As writing frontend applications becomes more complex, TypeScript allows us to scale client side code easily, even with large code bases. We use Typescript successfully at production for many projects and we are only going to use it even more in the future. We highly recommend using Typescript over JavaScript, therefore we have decided to move it to adopt.


TypeScript is a language that gets transpiled to native JavaScript code.

It offers support for the latest EcmaScript features and has strict typing and support for interfaces built in.

JavaScript scoping, which led into recurring workarounds such as **var self = this, myFunc.bind(this),**was eliminated in TypeScript.

In TypeScript this stays this, which leads to more readable and understandable code from an OOP perspective.

TypeScript continues to be actively developed by Microsoft and is well-Integrated in today's IDEs.

The excellent structure and the possibilities for extension make it a good choice to consider for larger JavaScript projects.

Typescript was the choice for Angular and one can assume that it will get more traction with the success of Angular in the future.

There are also projects that support Typescript „code execution“ on the server such as ts-node.