The past months have shown that React is still a great fit for us for frontend-heavy applications. With its rewritten core in version 16, Facebook shows how important this framework is for them. Therefore, Facebook is investing a lot of effort into React and a healthy community. In addition, we REALLY enjoy writing React components – so much so, that we have to move this library into adopt!


trial | March 2017

React claims to be "the V in MVC". But for us it is much more than that. React improved the way we approach frontend applications as we build them. Its functional way of writing components and its declarative JSX syntax help us to build interactive UIs very efficiently. React's one-way data flow keeps everything modular and fast and makes even large applications more readable.

Components are the central point of React - once we fully started thinking in react, our components became smaller, more reusable and better testable.

After some 1.5 years of experience with React and the steady growth of the community and ecosystem around it, we can confidently say that we still see great protential to build upcoming projects with React.