Gitlab CI


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assess | March 2018

Until now, we have been using Jenkins for almost every single task that we have automated. With Gitlab CI on the market, we have a number of new possibilities.

Some of the highlights are:

  • Multi-platform – you can execute builds on Unix, Windows, OSX, and any other platform that supports Go.
  • Multi-language – build scripts are command-line driven and work with Java, PHP, Ruby, C and any other language.
  • Pipeline – you can define multiple jobs per stage and you can trigger other builds.
  • Autoscaling – you can automatically spin up and down VM's to make sure your builds get processed immediately and minimize costs.
  • Build artifacts – you can upload binaries and other build artifacts to GitLab and browse and download them.
  • Docker support – you can use custom Docker images, spin up services as part of testing, build new Docker images, even run on Kubernetes.