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Technologies /
Data Science & AI
Technologies / Data Science & AI

Big data insights for fully informed decisions and actions. We give your
data a voice.

Computer vision or natural language understanding – due to AOE's cutting-edge solutions, our customers navigate safely and efficiently through even the most complex systems and environments, yielding maximum business value. Don't settle for less.

Unlock your potential

Use your data to create real impact and business value

Insights & Learning

Analyze customer behavior, gain insights into existing data, visualize, learn and optimize your business models.

Boost Efficiency

Reduce errors and manual tasks, automate processes, detect fraud and avoid discontented customers.

Drive Revenue

Use data for segmentation, personalized content, automated marketing and targeted campaigns.

Cross-domain expertise

Let data boost your business

Predict risks before they appear. Find customer problems before the customer finds them. Support decisions through visualized data. The use of data, particularly in combination with machine learning, unleashes tremendous potential for business. We combine your industry knowledge with our AI expertise to build tailored solutions that boost your business.

Fabrizio Branca

Fabrizio Branca

Lead System Developer / AOE
We focus on people. And data. And we believe that there's so much more valuable information hidden in your data. Information that will make you go further. Wherever you're going."

Ideas to solutions:
AOE data science workflow

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Data Science & AI Services

  • Consulting: Your value plan
  • Implementation: End-to-end solutions
  • Supply: Technology fitting you
  • Analytics: Insights on demand

AOE Academy

  • Trainings: Docker & Kubernetes Training
  • Workshops: Data Value Workshop
  • Introductions: Natural Language Understanding
  • Labs: Python Hands-On Lab

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