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Data Science & AI
Technologies / Data Science & AI

Big data insights for fully informed decisions and actions. We give your
data a voice.

Computer vision or natural language understanding – due to AOE's cutting-edge solutions, our customers navigate safely and efficiently through even the most complex systems and environments, yielding maximum business value. Don't settle for less.

Unlock your potential!

Use your data to create real impact and business value

Insights & Learning

Analyze customer behavior, gain insights into existing data, visualize, learn and optimize your business models.

Boost Efficiency

Reduce errors and manual tasks, automate processes, detect fraud and avoid discontented customers.

Drive Revenue

Use data for segmentation, personalized content, automated marketing and targeted campaigns.

Gain insights, learn & improve

  • Gain insights: visualize data, discover new insights, optimize customer behavior analysis
  • Reduce costs: reduce errors and manual tasks, detect fraud, avoid discontented customers
  • Improve experience: personalize content, improve UX, maximize intention-related engagement
  • Drive revenue: automated marketing, targeted campaigns, extended product offerings

Cross-domain expertise

Let data boost your business

Predict risks before they appear. Find customer problems before the customer finds them. Support decisions through visualized data. The use of data, particularly in combination with machine learning, unleashes tremendous potential for business. We combine your industry knowledge with our AI expertise to build tailored solutions that boost your business.

Use cases: How can we boost your business?

Drug discovery

AI-based choices in the complex multi-KPI context of clinical studies: AOE's life science and healthcare customers identify the most promising molecular candidates for therapeutic compounds. We save years and millions.

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Real-time asset valuation

Live decision making in pricing and scoring, trading and portfolio optimization in local and global markets: From real estate to cars, to movable goods and stock, we ensure the best deals thanks to the best data.

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Ralf Hauenschild, PhD

Ralf Hauenschild, PhD

Director Data Science & Artificial Intelligence / AOE
Data science is not about implementing off-the-shelf solutions. And that’s your opportunity. Success in AI projects goes to those who are curious."

AOE Data Science & AI Ladder

Our offers & services

Data Science & AI Services

  • Consulting: Your value plan
  • Implementation: End-to-end solutions
  • Supply: Technology fitting you
  • Analytics: Insights on demand

AOE Academy

  • Trainings: Docker & Kubernetes Training
  • Workshops: Data Value Workshop
  • Introductions: Natural Language Understanding
  • Labs: Python Hands-On Lab

Get started with the AOE Academy.
Gain deep knowledge with our Data Science & AI services. 
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Your value plan

Kick-start your project with a customized design thinking or data value workshop based on our standard formats. Our data scientists, system architects and software engineers review the validity of any use case. Receive a tailored strategy and concepts of approved quality, guaranteed to be scalable, followed by reliable support and continuous adaption to changing conditions in real time along the project lifecycle.

End-to-end solutions

By implementing the full range of solutions, customers can gain maximum value from big data and AI. In agile development (scrum & co.) according to CI/CD principles, our teams implement changes to meet new requirements in constant dialog with your stakeholders. DevOps and short development cycles are integral to what we do. A key advantage is that new features can be tested in production early.

Technology fitting you

Our clients rely on the long-standing experience of AOE experts in the individual choice and configuration of high-performance and quality hardware and software components. Strong partnerships with vendors have been established from a multitude of projects. We can therefore always guarantee attractive rates to fit your budget and technologies that meet your needs precisely.

Insights on demand

Need answers to specific questions, quickly and regardless of your infrastructure? Or you urgently require a machine/deep learning model for productive use and don't have the time or resources to acquire the necessary knowledge? Strictly adhering to your compliance specifications, our data scientists examine data exploratively or with a specific brief, as you choose. Algorithms and models can be delivered in production-ready quality, matching their destination environment. Do you want specific answers on a regular basis? Order your tailor-made AI, from a simple classifier to a complex recommender engine, pre-trained or continuously learning, fitting your needs, now.

Docker & Kubernetes Training

From images to Helm charts and schedulers – learn best practice end-to-end.

  • API-driven microservice architectures
  • Cross-site multi-tenant collaboration and resource utilization
  • Containerization
  • Orchestration
  • Monitoring

Data Value Workshop

Do you have one or several use cases in mind, or do you specifically want to unearth certain information from data in your business? Or are you in the middle of successful big data projects, struggling at certain levels such as data quality and quantity, infrastructure and architecture, performance and value of intelligent approaches? Our experts capture and analyze your situation on-site in a target-performance comparison, make recommendations for actions and develop a tailored strategy to succeed.

Introduction to Natural Language Understanding

  • Translation
  • Sentiment Analytics
  • POS & NER
  • Conversation
  • Topic Mining & Clustering
  • Summarization
  • Semantic Search & Information Retrieval
  • Captioning & Content Generation

Python Hands-On Lab

Learn the language of choice for data science on the basis of exploratory data analysis (EDA).

  • Operations and data structures
  • IDE, Git, Jupyter
  • Libraries (NumPy, pandas, TensorFlow, Matplotlib...)
  • Preprocessing (time series, NLP, image and video…)
  • Dimensionality reduction
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Plotting and dashboarding
  • Crisp

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