Web Experience Management

Create unique customer experiences with web experience management from AOE and increase customer satisfaction by seamlessly linking your online platforms.

During the past years, the channels to communicate with customers have fundamentally changed – not only through traditional online communications but also through social and mobile media. More and more the various online channels – once viewed separately by companies – are merging and customers are increasingly using them in parallel. This development requires business solutions than can be optimally adapted to the different channels and create cross-channel customer experiences.

Perfect Coordination of all Online Activities for Successful Web Experience Management

Web experience management (WEM) maximizes the full potential of the Web by using effective solutions to create customer experiences that increase customer loyalty. At the same time the approach helps businesses to improve the bottom line. It is essential that customers can seamlessly access the Web, regardless of which device or channel they use. The user expects a customized user experience that is both unique but also uniform. However, companies must also design their web shops and portals from the perspective of data security.

WEM is a concept to collect user information, analyze online behavior and then customize the user experience for each individual. Since every user has different requirements regarding content and the user experience, WEM ensures a consistent and personalized online interaction. Web experience management helps business to optimize their marketing activities, increase customer loyalty and simplify interaction with the user.

Companies that use WEM to create cross-platform experiences, benefit in the long-term from more satisfied and more loyal customers. By integrating social media, businesses can reach customers at any time, thus also increasing customer retention. To create successful experiences AOE designs comprehensive concepts that optimally coordinate your websites, online shops as well as all web and Mobile Applications, thus ensuring the perfect interaction of all platforms. AOE develops unique customer experiences for all channels through the use of responsive- and user experience design (UXD or UED). AOE’s agile project management methods enable us to adapt web solutions to your individual requirements. Changes can also be integrated during current development.

AOE has successfully implemented numerous global projects focusing on web experience management.

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