Effective rights management in content management

Flexibly defining individual user rights via Content Management Systems (CMS) helps companies comply with quality standards while managing global users and user groups

Complex websites of global companies and corporations with different language versions increasingly are being managed by several employees spread out over different locations and countries. Quality assurance and guaranteeing efficient workflow management thus requires a Content Management System (CMS) with an effective rights management feature – with the capability of setting up and managing access rights individually for different persons and groups.

Personalized and individually adapted access allows to display only those elements that each employee needs for that specific role. This reduces complexity and helps to adhere to a consistent workflow process while ensuring a level of transparency – every employee can edit only those areas to which he has access. Administrators can change editors’ rights at any time and adapt the system to new requirements. Thus, administrators always maintain complete control over content changes.

Flexible rights management of temporary users

Complex web projects, such as a complete website relaunch or the implementation of an intranet solution, often receive support through freelancers or temporary employees. In these cases access can be granted based on limitations regarding time or content. This sort of access can be deactivated quickly and easily at any time. In this way, companies can effectively manage which areas, modules or language versions can be edited by each editor. If separate live- or design workspaces are used, there is also the additional possibility of setting up user rights so that changes in content can only be executed in the design workspace; the content is published live only after authorization by an administrator. In this way, companies can protect themselves from misuse and always have a complete overview of the rights of every user, which helps to improve website quality and ensure long-term stability.

AOE always places great emphasis on user- and rights management that is precisely adapted to the needs of the customer. 

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