Intranet- and extranet solutions

Increase collaboration with intranet- and extranet solutions from AOE. The centralized provisioning of company information will improve employee- and customer satisfaction. An intuitive Content Management System (CMS) enables efficient and simple maintenance of intranet- and extranet solutions.

Intranet- and extranet solutions are core elements of the corporate communications of global companies, used to comprehensively inform both employees and external partners as well as exchange information. Companies are increasingly faced with the challenge to maintain existing content and keep the information current in order to provide partners with exclusive and personalized information or deliver added value. By using a CMS, employees can easily manage intra- and extranets without prior IT expertise, and also maintain complete control over the entire content. This helps improve communications in day-to-day business.

In addition to central provisioning, locating relevant information within complex systems is often particularly difficult. High-performance search solutions ensure that information is rapidly available at any time – saving both time and money.

With our new intranet we have managed to create transparency and highly efficient information flow within our complex company structure."

Monika Santangelo de Souza
Head of Internal Communication, Thomas Cook

Cloud-based search solution for intranet and extranet

The Enterprise search solution “Searchperience” was developed by AOE specifically for these requirements. Searchperience is able to crawl and index existing Inter-, intra- and extranet pages, thus rapidly producing search results. The search engine comprises such features as “Live Search”, which suggests relevant results during search. Searchperience can easily be integrated into existing CMS architectures. The search occurs on-premise or as a cloud solution in the dedicated private cloud of AOE. Thanks to high-performance servers, AOE delivers rapid search results while reducing the demands placed on your company’s IT infrastructure.

With 17 years of experience in CMS rollouts, AOE develops solutions that adapt to your processes and reduce costs.

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