Global CMS Solutions for international websites

Rapid and efficient maintenance of global websites ensures consistent compliance with the corporate identity and flexible adjustment to country-specific characteristics.

In times of increasing globalization and the thereby resulting international competition, multinational companies place increasing demands on their corporate websites. Stakeholders, such as customers or suppliers, expect companies to always provide current, accurate and individually adapted content that optimizes business processes while providing an added value at the same time.

Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS) fulfill a vital role in localizing web content internationally for various language versions while considering cultural differences. A virtually unlimited number of language versions can be clearly mapped in a single application, thus simplifying the localization process of new language version – for example, by company expansion or when new markets are being developed.

Multisite Management / Maintenance

Use your Enterprise web CMS to create complex web portals for any number of markets and countries. Intuitive user interfaces can be used to centrally display and edit different language versions of global companies. By assigning user rights, processes and changes are transparent and can be comprehensively controlled at all times.

Multilanguage Support

Create an unlimited number of different language versions of your website for different markets and countries, and address your different target audiences and customer groups individually at any time. Use so-called language visibility tools to manage localized content and determine which content is to be shown whenever that content hasn’t been localized.

Localization and translation

Current Enterprise Web Content Management Systems comprise tools that support companies in localizing and individually adapting content to different languages. Well-designed and powerful CMS can be seamlessly integrated into common translations tools in the market such as Trados, Déja Vu or across.

Connection to external systems

Global portals of international companies increasingly represent central interfaces to all business processes. AOE seamlessly connects different systems with each other using, among others, service-oriented architectures (SOA). These interconnected systems are optimized with regard to communications-capabilities, and also help to significantly reduce complexity and maintenance requirements of the entire IT infrastructure.

With a total of over 1,500 global projects, AOE is one of the most outstanding international service providers in the field of global CMS solutions.

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