Enterprise Web Content Management

Enterprise Web Content Management Systems are core elements of the IT systems architecture of modern companies. They are increasingly becoming the central interface for all corporate processes.

The corporate website is the digital business card of global companies and corporations. As the centralized communications channel, it has a direct impact on a company’s success. With Enterprise Web Content Management Systems (CMS) you can intuitively and efficiently maintain your website. And, users don’t need programming experience to operate current Content Management Systems.

However, not every web CMS is appropriate for every company, as the different Content Management Systems vary significantly in their functions. It is therefore advisable to define concrete requirements for your web CMS at a project’s outset, as a wrong decision can severely limit your options later in the project.

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Open Source vs. Commercial CMS

The creation of personalized user experiences has become a central differentiator for global companies when compared to competitors in the market. The fast-paced online sector requires solutions that can be implemented quickly and with minimal effort, while being easy to operate and maintain. At the same time the solution needs to be flexible enough to meet individual needs. Open Source Web Content Management Systems require no license fees. By contrast, companies that use proprietary software need to initially invest substantial sums.

Open Source systems, in comparison to proprietary software, can also be developed further individually and adapted to meet each user’s specific needs – vendor lock-in virtually excludes personalized functions in commercial systems.

Rely on our comprehensive expertise in the development and implementation of global Open Source Web Content Management Systems. With the experience of over 1,500 web CMS projects for Fortune 500 companies you are placing your global web CMS project in safe hands with AOE.

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