Systems integration in complex IT architectures

Nowadays no web project can be implemented without the integration of various third-party systems. Companies are increasingly relying on up-to-date service-oriented architectures to make themselves largely independent of product and platform changes.

Overview of elements of systems integration from AOE

  • Analysis of work processes through the involvement of IT tools
  • Analysis of existing and needed data content
  • Definition and testing of necessary and existing interfaces
  • Creation of a uniform data foundation for an optimized information flow

Companies receive valuable synergies through the seamless integration and adaptation of various system components into a joint service-oriented architecture (SOA). Significant improvements for websites and web shops can be realized through the analysis and optimization of the system architecture.

Open Source systems integration with Mule ESB

AOE is one of the world’s leading providers of Open Source Enterprise web solutions. We comprise an experienced team of highly qualified professionals and offer state-of-the-art web solutions. Thus AOE can offer clients a unique expertise in the seamless integration of complex system components in existing IT architectures.

With the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Mule, AOE relies on one of the most powerful Open Source middleware solutions on the market. Current software solutions and software-as-a-service applications as well as legacy systems can easily be connected to one another for optimized communications. For this purpose, Mule ESB provides numerous connectors to the most common applications. In addition, AOE can develop customized connectors to the specifications of its customers, to optimally map specific Enterprise systems on a common basis.

With Mule, our customers experience a significant reduction of complexity in their IT infrastructure as well as a considerable reduction in costs for management and maintenance through the best-possible coordination of all systems.

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