Scalable sales portals for global online sales

Development of global, web-based sales platforms with high flexibility and scalability for short- and long-term sales strategies.

The distribution structures of global companies have become increasingly complex, due to the inclusion of different countries and markets. International sales of physical and digital goods and services requires highly scalable solutions that can be flexibly expanded and adapted to ever-changing business requirements. AOE develops online sales platforms, which supports international companies in their global E-Commerce strategies.

Use sales platforms in opening and developing new markets, thus helping you to achieve your strategic goals and expanding your business footprint. AOE develops solutions that support you in your global sales efforts. Based on a shared platform, websites or E-Commerce portals can be centrally implemented and adapted individually to different languages, countries and markets. In that way, companies can even reach customers in those countries in which they are not physically present.

Adapt your product portfolio individually for different markets. Flexibly manage different countries, languages and currencies and handle sales transactions through a centralized system. By interconnecting CRM-, ERP- and merchandise information systems, platforms can be seamlessly integrated into existing IT infrastructures – thus causing only limited operating costs. Based on state-of-the-art Content Management Systems, AOE implements solutions that can be managed by employees without any prior IT skills.

Complex sales platforms with high page views and large amounts of data present companies with significant challenges regarding performance. Especially E-Commerce portals with a fluctuating number of visitors require flexible solutions that can be expanded as needed. For this purpose, AOE relies on global dedicated private- and public cloud solutions, which automatically provision additional servers, thus ensuring the highly available systems. Files are distributed across different global data centers via Content Delivery Networks (CDN) and then automatically delivered to the local user from the geographically nearest center.

AOE is an acknowledged expert in implementing sophisticated sales platforms for global companies. Find out more about the possibilities that AOE can offer you in developing scalable, high-performance sales portals.

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