Business applications - solutions for complex business processes

Application-based business solutions for seamless integration of business processes and improvement of internal communications.

Companies are increasingly using Web Applications to support and smoothly run business processes. Application-supported business processes effectively support companies in content management of corporate information – both on- and offline.

Web Applications have the advantage of being accessible via the Internet at any time. A company and its employees can retrieve information, regardless of location, time or device used – which simplifies communications and supports processes and workflows.

Global business applications with links to external systems

AOE develops Web Applications that can be integrated seamlessly into existing IT infrastructures. By using complex cloud architectures, external systems such as CMS, CRM- or ERP systems can be incorporated.

Mobile business solutions

In addition to the availability of Web Applications in the Internet, mobile business applications are becoming more and more important. End devices – which are shrinking in size and are also increasingly easier to use – are leading to a rising use of Mobile Applications in all areas to support business processes.

Based on state-of-the-art Open Source technologies, AOE develops complex Web Applications for all corporate requirements. By using current cloud architectures our Web Applications are powerful, highly accessible and scalable to meet increasing demands.

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