Web applications - development and integration of web apps

AOE develops sophisticated, Open Source-based Web Applications that support business processes via Inter-, intra or extranet.

Web Applications are software solutions that are executed via the Internet and displayed in a web browser. Unlike desktop applications, Web Applications can be used regardless of platform, time or location, and don’t require specific hardware, software or run-time systems. This means that even performance-intensive programs can be run without using particularly powerful hardware. Thanks to current Web Applications the days of rich clients are numbered.

Development of Web Applications with connection to third-party systems

For globally active Fortune 500 companies AOE develops comprehensive Web Applications that can easily be integrated into existing corporate structures, such as document management-, ERP- or user management systems. These Web Applications support business processes via Inter-, intra- or extranet. Users can comfortably share content in social networks through social media integration.

Our commitment to quality lies in developing Web Applications:

  • Where the user and user requirements are at the center of our efforts
  • That are thin, robust, low-maintenance and cost-efficient
  • That are scalable as well as future- and change-proof

Worldwide, many notable companies rely on AOE to develop their web application solutions.

Read our case studies and find out more about the possibilities of Open Source-based, online business solutions of AOE.

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