Searchperience is a powerful, personalized enterprise search- and recommendation solution for websites and E-Commerce portals. With Searchperience, users achieve optimal search results, even with large amounts of data and high traffic volumes. Intelligent search solutions and recommendation services increase the competitive edge of companies while improving the user-friendliness of their online portals. Easy-to-find content, simplified navigation and personalization lead to an improved web experienced and more
satisfied customers.

Enterprise Search

Complex services consist of extensive content. State-of-the-art search solutions can help users find what they are looking for with ease

Recommendation System

Through recommendations, it is possible to provide relevant purchasing suggestions and increase conversion rates


Positive shopping experience, fuller shopping carts and increased sales as well as increased customer loyalty through relevant offers for every user

Searchperience from AOE helps companies get the most out of every service. The powerful search solution helps users find content quickly and efficiently and discover new content, increasing cross-selling potential and improving the shopping experience. In a nutshell, Searchperience increases customer loyalty.

Personalized Web Experience: Search and Recommendation on Web Portals

An excellent user experience that includes reliable search functions and product recommendations can determine whether visitors are satisfied and whether they become repeat customers. Challenges for companies:

  • Meeting Current Standards: Customers expect a search experience such as the ones on Google or Amazon
  • Personalized Content: Recommendations based on user interactions, appropriate to each target audience
  • Simple Navigation: Appropriate search results empower customers to easily find the content they are looking for
  • User- and Shopping Experience: Positive experiences on any device increase customer
    satisfaction and loyalty
  • Maximize Revenue: Highest-possible revenue from repeat customers
  • Mouth-to-Mouth Propaganda: Satisfied customers are more likely to share their experiences on social media

Search- and Recommendation Software

Search Solutions

Search is among the standard functions found on most websites. Nevertheless, not all search solutions fulfill the customers’ requirements. Enterprise search solutions have intelligent crawlers, are fault-tolerant and allow users to navigate swiftly through search results by using facets and filters. Meanwhile, targeted search results as well as autosuggestions present users with search results that they would not normally come into contact with. Additionally, large portals require a stable and powerful solution that is able to handle large volumes of data.

A reliable search solution can significantly increase the conversion rate: On the one hand, it lets users find specific content or the product they are looking for; on the other, it ensures that users have a satisfactory experience.

Personalization with Recommendation Engines

“Customers who bought this article also purchased...”: Product recommendations support visitors by showing them relevant content or products. The result: fuller shopping carts and cross-selling, as well as a positive shopping experience. Through the implementation of intelligent recommendation engines, companies can achieve higher conversion rates, more revenue and a longer visit duration – with very little technical effort.

Features of Enterprise Search Solutions

  • Crawler: Automated crawling and indexing of pages
  • Facets and Filters: Simple refinement of search results through filters
  • Autocomplete / Live Search: Visual feedback of search results while typing
  • Recommendation Engine: Additional products based on the interests of the user
  • Search Widgets: Editorial output of content from the search index as flexible content, e.g. best-selling products
  • Analytics: Analysis of user behavior based on user interactions
  • Targeted Search Results: Manual placement of elements as organic search results
  • Ranking: Modification of result sorting through rules and boost factors
  • Flexible API: Freedom of design in structure and elements of search results, auto complete and filters
  • Fault-tolerant Search: Automated correction of spelling mistakes and typos

Search & Recommendation with AOE

Customizable Search

Variety of customizable search features that adapt to the needs of each client

User Experience

Powerful search leads to a positive user experience and satisfied customers


From correction of spelling errors to autocomplete, many features improve the usability of websites


Similar products and recommendations drive customers to new content

Search comparable to Amazon

Multiple features comparable to those when searching by Amazon

Cross- and Up-Selling

Fuller shopping carts through the use of cross- and up-selling potential

Customer Service

Search and recommendation partially fulfill the role of an online customer service rep

SaaS Search Solution

Easy integration of search software with minimal effort, thanks to cloud services


Reliable search system suitable even for large portals with high traffic volume

Search & Recommendation Products