Web portals are often the most important information- and communications medium of companies and the central interface for enterprise-critical business processes. Powerful enterprise content management systems (CMS) and an optimal IT systems architecture form the basis of modern corporate structures.

Powerful Platforms

Scalable and flexible high-performance portals with highest availability

Functions & Communications

Development of valuable functions, improvement of communications and data management

Systems Integration into existing IT

Optimal integration into existing software and systems, optimization of processes and IT architectures

Requirements for Web Portals and Applications

  • Customized Solution: Innovative E-Commerce solutions with flexible adaptation to individual requirements of companies and target audiences
  • Reliable Performance: Powerful, scalble portals with maximum security and highest availability
  • Customer Orientation: Seamless customer experience across all sales- and communication channels
  • Content & Data Management: Simple central management of content as well as product-, supplier-, order- and customer data
  • Internationality: Management of all languages and local (online) shops
  • Business Process Optimization: Transparent and automated processes in sales and logistics
  • Systems Integration: Efficient connection of software programs and interfaces in complex IT infrastructures
AOE develops complex web portals, international online platforms and powerful web applications in the enterprise sector. Our applications optimize, digitalize and interconnect processes, while improving communications and data management of your company.

Web Portals and Web Applications of AOE

Web portals are web server-based platforms, on which users can exchange information and inform themselves about various topic areas. Web portals contain information from various sources, which are bundled and retrievable by category on the platform. AOE develops sophisticated platforms and web applications based on Open Source technology to support business processes via Internet, intranet or extranet. The portals are developed according to the individual requirements of the customers and comprise numerous functions that deliver high corporate value. Existing software solutions can be seamlessly integrated into the portals.

Types of Web Portals & Applications

  • Corportate Portal
  • Sales Portal
  • Employee Portal
  • Shopping Portal
  • Global Web Presence
  • Information- and Communication Portal
  • Intranet
  • Web Applications
  • B2B Portal for Business Customers
  • B2C Portal for End Customers
  • Custom Portal Development

Application Possibilities of Web Portals & Applications

  • Central control of websites and localizations via one instance
  • Digital process control and -optimization
  • Order management and -processes
  • Product configuration
  • Marketing-, content- and campaign management
  • Redundant-free management of customer-, product- and supplier data
  • Online-, Partner- and white-label sales
  • Customer service and customer self care
  • Collecting and distributing knowledge and information
  • Internal communications
  • Workflow systems and optimized business processes
  • Integration of existing ERP and merchandise management systems
  • Controlling and accounting

Portals and Web Apps with AOE

High-Performance Portals

Powerful, scalable portals with highest availability and maximum business value

Process Optimization

Workflow-controlled web applications for optimized digital processes

Global Web Management

Central control of global websites, different languages and localizations through one instance


Management of personalized content, editing, campaigns and special offers for your target audiences

Sales and Orders

Online- and partner sales as well as order management


Improved internal communications through knowledge- and information management

Open Source

Use of proven enterprise Open Source technologies

B2B and B2C

Custom-developed solutions for B2B applications as well as end customers

Systems Integration

Optimal coordination with existing systems for efficient process management

Ulf Menson
We've become even faster and more flexible by using TYPO3. This saves time – and especially money. Above all, we are independent. Our employees can independently create marketing campaigns within a very short time, individually adjust the customer area and carry out all changes to our products by themselves. In this way we really live our motto 'You want it. You get it.'"
Ulf Menson
Director Sales

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