Identity & Access Management (IAM) enables secure and easy access to systems and data for authorized persons – independent of location – through a one-time login via single sign-on. IAM speeds up the secure access to important corporate data for employees and and allows companies to administrate users and authorizations.

Single Sign-On

One-time SSO-login enables employees access to all approved systems

User- & Access-Management

Management of users, their authorizations and system access

Enterprise Security

IAM enables efficient work processes and access to data and systems while ensuring maximum security

Identity & Access Management enables authorized employees with appropriate rights to access data and systems. IAM guarantees efficient work processes with the highest security standards, regardless of location.

Challenges in Security, Data and Applications

  • Security: Adherence to compliance- and security standards
  • Productivity: Employee access to necessary data and systems
  • Authentication: Identification of authorizsed persons and their rights
  • Authorization: Individual access to desired data and systems
  • Administration: User- und rights administration with changing roles and positions

What does Identity- & Access Management mean?

Identity- and access management describes the deliberate handling of identities of persons and organizations. The aim is to grant the correct persons with the correct authorizations access to the required systems and data, regardless of location. Persons must be unambiguously identified and their access to a resource matched and synchronized with predefined user rights and restrictions. At the same time, all corporate and legal guidelines regarding security and compliance must be adhered to. In large companies with their multiple applications, this quickly becomes very complex.

Use of IAM

Identity- & access management is used in larger companies to ensure the highest-possible security and productivity while also reducing security costs. Additionally, IAM provides options for compliance with legal requirements, regulations and corporate risk management.

IAM allows central administration of users, their permissions and access to systems while adhering to the highest compliance and security standards. A single identity provides access to numerous systems. This allows users to work productively and administrators to better manage the multitude of users and authorizations. 

Identity & Access Management with AOE

Maximum Security

Easy security for applications without development effort

Compliance & Risk Management

Adherence to provisions and regulations from compliance and risk management

Central Administration

Single point-of-administration for user- and rights management

Role-based Access Control

System access through matching and synchronization of identity and permissions with role-based access control (RBAC)


Identification of persons across multiple devices and matching of their permissions

Password Management

Free structuring of password provisions and secure administration of passwords

Identity Brokering & Social Log-in

Logon with existing social log-in such as Open-ID or SAML

Employee Productivity

Location-independent access to required data and systems

Cost Reduction

Lowering development costs for adherence to security- and compliance provisions

Open Source IAM Products

Keycloak: IAM tool for advanced applications

Keycloak is an advanced identity and access management (IAM) application with sophisticated single sign on, user management, systems security and social logins.

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