For sustainable business success, E-Commerce portals need to provide a high level of performance and scalability. AOE develops powerful, Open Source-based E-Commerce portals for global companies that fulfill these requirements and can be flexibly adapted to meet changing market demands.

Global E-Commerce Portals

Powerful and flexible E-Commerce applications with the highest possible availability

Omnichannel Commerce

Seamless shopping experience across all channels and integration of any number of systems

Business Process Optimization

Digitalization of business processes and business value creation

AOE develops complex, API-based E-Commerce portals and applications. Our global solutions digitalize business processes and create efficient, profitable marketplaces for retailers and customers.

Challenges in E-Commerce

  • Perfect Solution for your Company: Innovative E-Commerce platforms with flexible adaptation to individual needs of the company and its target audiences
  • Performance: Powerful and scalable online shops
  • Customer Orientation: Seamless customer experience across all sales- and communication channels
  • Content Management: Simple, centralized management of content
  • Internationality: Management of all languages and local (online-) Shops
  • Business Process Optimization: Transparent and automated processes in sales and logistics
  • Data Management: Administration of product-, supplier-, order- and customer data
  • Systems Integration: Efficient connection of software programs and interfaces in complex IT infrastructures
  • Reliability: Security, data privacy and highest availability

E-Commerce Portals and Applications with AOE

AOE creates and develops complex E-Commerce portals in the Enterprise sector that can be individually adapted to the requirements of your company and customers. Already existing systems such as those for ERP, logistics, PIM-systems or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be flexibly integrated.

E-Commerce Portal Developments

  • Enterprise E-Commerce Portals
    High-performance portals for global corporations
  • Global Onlineshops
    Globally rolled out onlineshops, controllable through one instance
  • B2B E-Commerce Portals
    Process-oriented B2B solutions for the optimization of your business processes
  • Multi-Retailer Commerce Solutions
    Customized commerce solutions for key verticals (e.g. malls, airports, etc.)
  • Multi-Store E-Commerce Sites
    Multiple language- and country versions
  • Omnichannel E-Commerce Portals
    Seamless shopping experience across all sales channels
  • B2C E-Commerce Portals
    High-performance B2C applications for large product offerings and high traffic volume
  • Custom E-Commerce Developments
    Flexible E-Commerce solutions and applications, customized for your company

E-Commerce Solutions with AOE

High-Performance Portals

Powerful portals with highest availability and maximum business value

Global E-Commerce Rollouts

High flexibility, scalability and cloud architectures for international demands

Multi-Store Management

Webshops with numerous languages and countries over one central administration

Omnichannel E-Commerce

Seamless customer experience across all sales- and communication channels

B2B & B2C

Customized B2B and B2C solutions for high traffic and efficient processes

Sales & Logistics

Integration of logistics solutions for efficient managment and processing of orders

Digital Transformation

Digitalization of business processes for error-free and efficient automated processes

Costs & Resources

Cost savings through reduced complexity and optimal use of resources

Integration & Interfaces

Optimale coordination of all systems for reduced complexity and efficient process management

Kai Schmidhuber
Together with AOE we were faced with the enormous challenge of transferring our offering into the digital era. The result is a unique omnichannel solution for travel and retail that unites complex on- and offline services and provides the optimal travel experience for our customers.
Kai Schmidhuber
Senior Vice President Multichannel & E-Commerce

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