Use your business data to create real impact and business value! Data is the gold of the digital age – but if it's not utilized, it remains just data. AOE helps companies with analyzing and utilizing their data to learn, gain insights and make their business faster and more efficient. Take the first steps with machine learning and AI approaches to make the most of your data.

Insights & Learning

Analyze customer behavior, gain insights into existing data, visualize, learn and optimize your business models

Boost efficiency

Reduce errors and manual tasks, automate processes, detect fraud and avoid angry customers

Drive sales

Use data for segmentation, personalized content, automated marketing and targeted campaigns

Unlock your potential

Professional data processing and machine learning offers tremendous potential. The increasing performance potential of IT systems made sophisticated use cases of data processing and machine learning available to all kinds of industries – and there are impressive examples of how companies manage to use the technical possibilities to accelerate their business or come up with completely new service- and product ideas.

Data science with business data

Truly understand your domain: Gain relevant insights from your business data. Use data mining to identify patterns, analyze relationships and detect anomalies. Visualizations and provisioning for business intelligence applications make the data an even more valuable asset.

  • analyze relationships
  • enrich and visualize data
  • transform data into information
  • find anomalies

AI & Machine Learning

Use intelligent computer systems to execute tasks faster and more efficiently. With machine learning, computer systems use data to teach themselves to perform certain tasks. These include voice interaction, visual perception, decision making, and learning tasks.

  • speech interactions
  • visual perception
  • decision making
  • learning tasks

Gain insights, learn & improve

Gain insights

  • visualize data
  • discover new insights
  • effective customer behavior analysis

Reduce costs

  • reduce errors & manual tasks
  • detect fraud
  • avoid angry customers

Improve Experience

  • personalize content
  • improve UX
  • intention related engagement

Drive Revenue

  • automated marketing
  • targeted campaigns
  • extended product and service offerings
Daniel Pötzinger
Don't wait for the big bang in AI. Start with data mining and existing data, create value and progress step by step to machine learning.
Daniel Pötzinger

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