CRM systems (Customer Relationship Management) are an important tool for marketing, sales and customer loyalty, both in the B2B- and B2C sectors. CRM systems are also are also of central importance for customer management, the development of know-how and data analyses. The optimal integration of the CRM system with other corporate applications is a decisive advantage.

Sales & Customer Loyalty

Efficient sales through appropriate communications with interested parties as well as well-timed sales measures for customer loyalty

Customer Communications

Relevant customer information such as buying behavior or communications are documented and enable excellent communications with the customer

Optimally integrated Systems

Optimally integrated systems enable data exchange with other systems, thus maximizing performance of all applications

The CRM integration from AOE ensures optimal connection of your CRM system with other systems in your organization. This enables the best-possible use of all applications in the different departments.

Challenges in CRM and Customer Loyalty

  • Sales: Successful sales strategy, campaigns, lead acquisition and product sales
  • Support: As much information about customers as possible for the best-possible response to customer inquiries
  • Customer Management: Structured processes, customer loyalty and analysis of buying behavior
  • Customer Data: Administration and updating of customer data
  • Communications & Knowledge Management: Provisioning and maintenance of relevant information for employees and departments

Optimally integrated CRM Systems

Companies have numerous different software solutions and systems. CRM systems can provide different departments with a wide variety of important functions and data. An optimal CRM integration is necessary, so that this data can be made available for all relevant employees and to optimally link functions with other applications such as CMS or E-Commerce platforms.

Improved Communications through integrated CRM Solution

Optimally integrated CRM systems provide a central point of customer data management as well as all possible interactions with the customer. Every customer contact is tracked and becomes part of the knowledge database. The various departments gain a significant number of competitive advantages through connections with other systems:

  • Marketing: More leads through personalized campaigns with adapted products and prices for each target audience
  • Sales: Efficient interaction with interested parties and customers, improved revenue and utilization of cross-selling potentials
  • E-Commerce: Overview and documentation of order handling, fulfillment, und Dokumentation von Order-Handling, Fulfillment, billing and payments
  • Customer Care: Structured processes, Know-how of the service employees as well as development of a knowledge database
  • Customer Management: Customer loyalty, analysis of of purchasing behavior and provisioning of data for marketing and sales

Benefits of CRM Integration with AOE

Central Customer Data

All the information about customers such as contact data and communications are stored at a central location, access for relevant departments

Marketing & Customer Journey

Successful acquisition of customers and capturing of leads with appropriate campaigns for every target audience, based on customer data

E-Commerce and Order Management

Connection to E-Commerce systems provides an overview of all purchases, fulfillment and invoicing as well as cross- and upselling opportunities

Excellent Customer Support

Documentation of all interactions with the customer such as communications or purchasing behavior enables professional customer care

Development of a Knowledge Database

Documentation of all interactions with the customer leads to development of know-how and enables optimization of products, processes and sales

Customer Loyalty

Professional customer- and account management with measures and incentives for long-term customer loyalty

Customer Analysis and Reporting

Analysis of sales performance and buying behavior along the customer journey from lead to conversion up to customer loyalty


Rapid development of applications and regular workflows for recurring tasks

Employee Productivity

Tools for increasing productivity of employees and departments

Daniel Pötzinger
Properly functioning CRM systems are extremely important for sales and customer loyalty of companies. An optimal integration ensures that all relevant employees receive the necessary information “just-in-time”.
Daniel Pötzinger

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