Happy customers are loyal customers: Effective web experience management ensures a consistent customer experience across all online platforms. This creates a unique atmosphere for your customers and a high level of customer loyalty. Flexible content management systems (CMS) form the central interface for all corporate processes and ensure fast and efficient management of global websites.

Optimal User Experience

Perfect coordination of all channels for unique customer experiences and loyal customers

Multisite Management

Efficient content management in different languages and localizations while adhering to the corporate identity

Flexible CMS Platforms

Editing and campaign management via CMS through teams with flexible rights and user groups

Challenges in CMS and Web Experience Management

  • Content Management: Structured creation and management of content in the team
  • Marketing: Consistent communications and editing in different channels and media
  • International Campaign Management: Control of uniform international campaigns in multiple languages with country-specific characteristics and particularities
  • Customer Care: Excellent customer service for satisfied and loyal customers
  • Internal Communications and Knowledge Management: Provisioning and maintenance of relevant information for employees, partners and customers
  • Efficient Workflows: Clearly-structured workflows and efficient processes for the best-possible use of resources
  • System Diversity: Optimal connection of various systems and software with the existing IT infrastructure
AOE creates optimal web experiences on the basis of flexible content management systems. Our solutions enable the efficient maintenance of global multisites, the control of personalized campaigns and a perfectly coordinated dialog with the customer across all channels.

Possible Applications for CMS & Web Experience Management

The development of personalized customer experiences is a key USP for global companies who want to get an edge on the competition. The fast-paced online sector requires solutions that companies can  easily and quickly implement, operate and maintain – while also being readily adaptable to individual needs.

  • Web- and User Experience: Unique customer experiences and a competitive advantage through perfectly coordinated online channels
  • International Multisite Management: Control of global websites with multiple languages and localizations while adhering to the corporate identity
  • Omnichannel Marketing Management: Target audience-specific personalized steering of campaigns and campaign optimization across all channels
  • Communication- and Knowledge Management: Central collection, management and provisioning of information for employees, partners and customers
  • Efficient Content Management: Simple administration for editing- and marketing teams without prior programming knowledge
  • Workflow and Processes: Optimization of processes in the team through efficient digitized workflows in content management systems
  • Rights Authorization: Flexible role-, rights-, user group- and user administration with workspaces to comply with quality standards when managing global users and user groups
  • Data Management: Redundancy-free administration of product-, supplier-, order- and customer data
  • Systems Integration: Optimal integration into existing IT infrastructures, systems and software programs
  • Security: Security, data privacy and highest availability of proven enterprise systems
  • Custom-built: Individual solutions with optimal coordination with the individual needs of your organization

Content management systems (CMS) are core elements of the IT system architecture utilized in modern-day companies. You can intuitively, quickly and efficiently administer your website using content management systems – without any programming skills. The customized solutions will turn your challenges into competitive advantages.

Open Source vs. proprietary CMS

While the use of proprietary software is associated with high initial investments, the use of Open Source content management systems does not entail any license costs for companies . Open Source CMS have no vendor lock-in and can be continuously developed, personalized and adapted to the individual needs of the company. The use of Open Source systems is independent of individual vendors and consultants.

Content Management with AOE

Content Management

Central management and provisioning of information and know-how through editorial teams

International Marketing

Implement personalized campaigns, taking into account corporate identity and local circumstances

Web Experience Management

Flexible CMS form the central interface for all corporate processes and thus ensure quick and efficient administration of global websites

Efficient Workflows

Optimized workflows and digitized processes lead to efficient use of resources and faster time-to-market

High-Performance CMS

Powerful enterprise CMS with highest availability scale to fulfill requirements

Flexible Rights Administration

Flexible control of users, user groups and respective rights

Open Source

Proven enterprise Open Source CMS are powerful, cost effective and vendor-independent

Agile Development

Active project participation by the customer, regular feedback and flexible project management through agile methods

Systems Integration

Optimal coordination ensures the perfect interaction of all platforms, systems software programs and IT infrastructures

Ulf Menson
We've become even faster and more flexible by using TYPO3. This saves time – and especially money. Above all, we are independent. Our employees can independently create marketing campaigns within a very short time, individually adjust the customer area and carry out all changes to our products by themselves. In this way we really live our motto 'You want it. You get it.'"
Ulf Menson
Director Sales

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