Fulfillment and payment are critical elements in E-Commerce. Especially where complex omni- and multichannel commerce providers are involved, processes must be optimally integrated and automated – across all channels and with interfaces with all relevant customer-, order- and delivery data. AOE will implement the optimal fulfillment- and payment solutions for you – standalone or as a component of an already-existing IT architecture.

Central Fulfillment Control

Administration and optimization of fulfillment processes for maximum customer satisfaction

Matching Payments

Multichannel-integration of payment methods appropriate for the target audience and -markets

Processes, Data & Systems

Optimal interaction of processes, workflows, systems, product- and customer data


AOE integrates customized E-Commerce fulfillment and payment processes and solutions in your company. Our solutions enable secure, efficient and customer-friendly E-Commerce.

Challenges in Fulfillment and Payment

  • Multichannel Management: Individualized management of multiple order-, payment- and delivery channels according to customer preferences
  • Order Management: Handling or orders, changes (z. B. changed delivery, different payment methods) and returns
  • Delivery under Deadline Pressure: Punctual compliance with delivery dates is a critical factor for successful E-Commerce
  • Payment Methods and -Systems: Different utilization of payment methods and payment systems according to region, markets, industries and target audiences
  • Systems Integration: Connection of diverses, complex systems and data (PIM, CRM, ERP, CMS, E-Commerce, etc.)

Fulfillment Solutions for E-Commerce

In E-Commerce, fulfillment describes the entire process of order processing and encompasses all steps of the purchase order, processing and delivery of orders to the end customer

E-Commerce Fulfillment Integration with AOE

AOE analyzes and optimizes your E-Commerce platform and supplements it with a customized fulfillment solution that can be quickly and flexibly implemented. Together with our experienced partners, you will receive a complete E-Commerce solution from a single source, which Covers the entire portfolio for online retail – from E-Commerce and order management to omnichannel fulfillment.

Die Appropriate Payment Methods

Payment is a neuralgic point in E-Commerce. Simplicity, security and trust must be guaranteed one hundred percent in the payment process. A complicated, inefficient payment process or lack of payment methods can quickly lead to an abandoned purchase. The choice of payment methods for each target group and market as well as their optimal integration are fundamental.


Online card payment via credit card, debit card or other cards

Examples: VISA, AMEX

Bank Transfer

Payment through bank transfer from the account of the customer (on-/offline)

Examples: Sofort, SafetyPay

Direct Debit

Direct debit, authorized payment of the customer account

Examples: ELV, SEPA


Payment via a pre-charged virtual wallet

Examples: Paypal, Alipay

Mobile Payment

Payment with the smartphone using mobile wallets or mobile transfers

Examples: Apple Pay, Boku

Pre Pay

Acquisition of credit, payment before the actual purchase transaction

Examples: Paysafecard, uKash

Post Pay

Payment after delivery of the product or service

Examples: Konbini, Multibanco

Regional Payments

Special, market-relevant and country-specific payment methods

Examples: UnionPay, MisterCash

Integration of Payment in the E-Commerce Process

On the basis of a market analysis, the appropriate payment methods and -providers are selected for the respective target markets and -audiences. Existing payment providers can also be integrated. Our experienced experts will analyze your E-Commerce process and create optimal conditions for the integration of the various payment methods.

Integration of payment methods into existing infrastructures and processes is carried out by our project teams. For this, we use agile methods such as Scrum, so that the development process is as transparent as possible for our clients. Testing is an important part of our quality assurance.

Fulfillment- and Payment with AOE

Automated Processes

Reduced manual processing of data decreases susceptibility to errors


Powerful, modular omnichannel fulfillment from a single source


Flexible and fast reaction to changes in the supply chain process

Central Management

Automated platform for managing in stock goods, orders, logistic centers, shops, dropship partners, etc.

Target Audience-specific Payments

Worldwide coverage and integration of all relevant payment methods and -systems

Fraud- and Risk Management

Secure all-in-one solution with high capacity for simple, safe online card payment

Seamless Fulfillment

Increased customer satisfaction through customized fulfillment solution across all sales channels

Economy & Cost Efficiency

Conversion optimization, increased revenue and cost efficiency through optimized processes

Systems Integration by the Experts

Optimal integration of all fulfillment- and payment processes into existing IT architecture

Fulfillment and Payment Partners

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