Processes and value chains are increasingly becoming digitalized and thus lessen the burden on market participants by providing products and services that are accessible faster, simpler and cheaper. AOE supports customers in conceptualization and development of digital business cases and products.

Digitalized Processes

Digital transformation business processes and -models enable more efficient processes and new sales opportunities

Optimized Workflows

Fast, efficient processes through optimized structuring and automation of workflows as well as optimal integration into the systems environment

Business Value

Automated processes, new products, quicker time-to-market and best-possible use of resources save time and effort, thus creating real business value

Together with our customers we create digital products that often represent new offerings in the market. These solutions open new markets and opportunities, far from any standards or best practice guidelines. At the same time these new offerings make optimal use of the promises of digitalization.

Challenges of Companies in the Development of Digital Products

In their daily operations, companies face a number of challenges:

  • Idea: Which concepts and vehicles are suitable for digital products?
  • Altered Customer Behavior: When and how can the changed customer behavior best be used in regards to digitalization?
  • Implementation: How can digital products be developed, which when offer enough return on investment?
  • Testing: How can we test development status and learn from the market?
  • Scaling: How can digital products be scaled?

Open Source and Digital Products

The development of digital products with Open Source software offers significant advantages:

  • Standard Components: Using standard components enables a rapid and efficient start to implementation
  • Customized: In combination with the standard components, additional requirements are fulfilled individually. This creates a unique customer experience and makes it possible to perfectly solve problems for specific customers
  • Security: Using Open Source software increases security of the solution
  • Costs: Open Source-based digitale products have an excellent cost- / benefit ratio, as the “missing” license costs free up more budget for implementing specific, additional functionalities

Open Source vs. proprietary Software

Whereas the use of proprietary software is associated with high initial investments, the use of Open Source content management systems for companies does not entail any license costs. Open Source CMS have no vendor lock-in and can be further developed, personalized and adapted to the individual needs of the company. The use of Open Source systems is independent of individual vendors and consultants.

Digital Products with AOE

Digital Transformation

By digitalizing their businss model, companies are ready for Industry 4.0

Efficient Processes

Optimizied business processes and digitalized workflows lead to efficiency of resources and faster time-to-market

New Business Sectors

Development of new sales opportunities through digitalization

Knowledge Transfer

Transparent processes and customer data provide information and insights for various departments

High-Performance Products

Powerful digial products with highest availability scale with the requirements

Individual Solution

Custom development offers the perfect solution for your customers, problems and business requirements

Open Source

Proven enterprise Open Source CMS solutions are powerful, cost efficient and vendor-independent

Agile Development

Active project participation by customers, regular feedback and flexible project management thanks to agile methods

Systems Integration

Optimal integration ensures the perfect interaction of all platforms, systems, software solutions and IT infrastructures

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