The increasing digitization of corporate processes and business models requires continuous management of software, Web and mobile applications, while offering flexible adaptability. DevOps comprises operations and further development of the application across its entire lifecycle.

Regular new Features

New features and further development of existing software

Long-term Operations

Ongoing support of the application and regular renewal of the architecture

Consistently high Software Quality

Continuous management and updates lead to sustainably high-quality software

DevOps means long-term care, operations and continuous development of your software appliation. Your software is continuously supported and always up-to-date from a quality perspecitve, thanks to regular updates and renewal of the architecture.

What does DevOps mean?

DevOps describes the approach of an effective cooperation of software development (=DEVelopment) and systems administration (=IT OPerations) as well as quality assurance.

The aim of DevOps is to create software of a sustainably high quality, fast and regular delivery of new releases as well as an optimal coopoerations of all project stakeholders – all in the interest of a common goal. DevOps therefore describes a change in the corporate culture and -philosophy.

Challenges when operating Software Applications:

  • Application Management: Support of existing software
  • Software Updates: Implementation of updates
  • Functional Extensions: Introduction of new features
  • Opetimization of Business Processes: Flexible adaptation of workflows
  • Hardware Renewal: Utilization of current hardware technology
  • Software Lifecycle: Active control of the application lifecycle
  • Profitability: An excellent long-term cost-benefit ratio

DevOps Process in Practice

DevOps describes a continuous process to support, constantly renew and further develop existing software. Software can be maintained at a sustainably high level of quality through DevOps and Operations. AOE offers cross-site, comprehensive solutions for DevOps and Operations of highly complex applications of global companies, so that applications always work in an optimal manner.

  • Plan: Planning development in the next development cycle
  • Code: Development and review of the next feature
  • Build: Versionina and collating code elements
  • Test: Quality assurance of development through testing
  • Pack and Release: Packing, delivering and releasing the new software
  • Deploy: Integration of the release into the live environment
  • Operate: Configuration and implementation of the software
  • Monitor: Monitoring the application and customer feedback

DevOps & Operations with AOE

New Features

Functional extensions of existing solutions and fulfilling requirements with transparent budget

Test Automation

Automated tests for software and hardware with unit-, component-, integration- and GUI tests

Continuous Integration

Setting up and supporting continuous integration- and deployment processes through regular builds and deployments

Up-to-date IT Infrastrucure

Provisioning of current hardware, cloud services, development-, staging- and deployment environments

Security Updates

Regular export of security- and software updates

Maintenance & Support

Ongoing technical mainenance and care of the application through experienced experts

Swift Action

Short feedback cycles, fast and flexible implementation of new requirements with a short time-to-market

Monitoring & Support

Continuous performance monitoring and cross-site 24/7 support

Planning & Profitability

Streamlining internal processes and predictable costs with long-term powerful software

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