Cybersecurity is a major risk in IT and a top threat to any company. AOE has a long history in enterprise projects and security has always been a major topic for us, including software architecture and operations. To make your IT secure, we offer Security services such as Consulting, Training and BeyondCorp.

Security Audit & Consulting

Auditing and consulting to plan, build or test secure architectures and applications.


Upgrading legacy IT into zero-trust environments, assistance in planning, transforming and developing secure infrastructures.

Security Training

Extensive security training, from OWASP to secure software architecture and infrastructure security.

Security Audit & Consulting
Secure architectures & risk assessment

A secure architecture is the basis for any corporate IT. AOE helps in understanding security implications in a connected world. With years of experience in complex enterprise projects, our cybersecurity team supports your IT to plan, build and integrate your security architecture, or audit your applications and platforms by offering penetration tests, code reviews and a third-persons view of your project.

  • Plan, build and test security systems
  • Secure applications, architectures and platforms 
  • Audit and improve operating corporate security

Defensive Security
BeyondCorp & Monitoring

BeyondCorp is a sophisticated way of tackling cyber security. AOE builds, or transitions, a corporate security infrastructure based on BeyondCorp where everything is always authenticated, based on current technologies such as single sign-on.

  • BeyondCorp approach
  • Platform Security
  • Monitoring

Offensive Security
Penetration Tests & Code Reviews

Test your cybersecurity performance! Penetration tests, such as black box attacks or insider threats, help developers and operations to learn how to react when attack situations arise. Reviewing security-critical source code helps mitigate complex attack scenarios, taking all eventualities into consideration.

  • Security check through penetration tests 
  • Plan and play cyberattacks and insider threat
  • Review security-critical source code

Cybersecurity Training
OWASP Top 10 & Risk Assessment

In addition to all security technologies, training and educating developers and teams is a top priority. Our training offerings include the top-10 lists of the most frequently encountered issues in web applications. We educate how one can identify, exploit and patch vulnerabilities.

  • Training and educating developer teams
  • OWASP Top 10
  • Risk assessment
Bastian Ike
Security is more than crossing your fingers and hoping nothing happens. Security must be planned from the very beginning. Then keep learning, adapting and improving.
Bastian Ike
Security Division Lead

Cybersecurity with AOE

Application Security

Platform Security

Secure Architecture


Risk Assessment

OWASP Top 10

Security Audit

Test & Code Reviews

Security Training

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