Good customer service is a competitive advantage and key to success. It is therefore a “must-have” for professional external representation of companies and should be structured efficiently and flexibly with optimal workflows. Professional customer service with AOE helps companies quickly and competently answer customer queries.

Availability 24/7

Swift and component resolution of customer queries for satisfied customers

Professional Representation

Positive marketing effects and increased customer loyalty through competent consultation

Efficient Ticket System

Optimal workflows and efficient processing of customer queries

AOE implements efficient customer care services for 24/7 availability of your company and competent resolution of your customer’s queries.

Challenges in Customer Service

Excellent service leads to higher customer loyalty, increased revenu, positive evalutations and recommendations. The following challenges must be met to implement successful customer services:

  • Well-structured processes
  • Permanent 24/7 availability of the company
  • Competent response to customer queries
  • Service across all channels
  • Support in-house, externally or in combination
  • Resource planning: Time and personnel

Customer Service at AOE

AOE customers benefit through a fast, competent and cost-effective customer service. End customers are guided through the process according to the agreement in place and your inividual needs, so that your issue is optimally processed and your problem solved as quickly as possible. Our customer service is structured along traditional lines with three distinct levels:

  1. Customer Care: The end customer first turns to Customer Care. This service is provided by an external service provider, who is available 24/7. Contact can occur via phone or E-Mail. In many cases the query can be satisfactorily resolved at this level.
  2. 1st Level Support / Helpdesk: More complex queries are referred to the Helpdesk (1st Level Support) from AOE. Queries are captured through tickets and then processes as quickly as possible. In many cases, the issue can be resolved directly at this level, i.e. with support by development. Problem resolution is reported directly to the end customer.
  3. 2nd Level Support (Development & Hosting): Should an immediate problem resolution not be possible, then the ticket is referred to 2nd Level Support (Development & Hosting), where it is further processed – e.g. if software needs to be changed at some point. The query is processed here and the ticket is closed upon completion. Problem resolution is reported from support directly to the end customer.

Customer Care with AOE

Complete Solution

A “care-free” customer service package from a single source

Integrated Service

External and internal support as well as customer care, 1st and 2nd level

Optimized Workflow

Faster, more efficent and more cost-effective customer service

100-percent Customer Service

Your customized solution leaves nothing to be desired

Experienced, highly trained Consultants

Your query is competently processed (from both a business as well as a technical perspective)

More efficient use of Resources

Optimal planning and workflow lead to increase customer loyalty and -satisfaction

Customer Care Partners of AOE

Zwei Löwen mediawerk GmbH

Zwei Löwen develops individual customer care- and mobile solutions for companies of any size and from any industry. One focus at Zwei Löwen is the helpdesk offering – the first point of contact for AOE customers with queries and problems. 

Arvato Bertelsmann

The international outsourcing service provider is a subsidiary of the Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA and, with more than 70,000 employees in over 40 countries, is considered to be one of the leading service providers. Arvato Bertelsmann offers numerous services, including digital marketing and IT solutions.

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