Enterprise Search by AOE

Benefit from our Enterprise search solutions and help your customers to find digital corporate data efficiently. Whether is sought on global websites, in intra- or extranets or on E-Commerce portals – what matters is an effective search solution that can be flexibly adapted to your needs.

Lengthy “Internet surfing” hardly takes place anymore. A decisive success factor for businesses is therefore that business content can be found quickly and easily. At the same time, every second Enterprise search solution is not satisfactory.

Steadily increasing customer demands therefore require companies to offer sophisticated web solutions.

Customized Enterprise search solutions provide rapid and transparent access for users at any time. A state-of-the-art Enterprise search solution optimizes business processes and also has a positive effect on customer satisfaction.

With “Searchperience” AOE provides global companies and corporations with a powerful Enterprise search solution. Based on Apache Solr it offers a high-performance, stable search solution for websites and online shops – even for large amounts of data and complex search queries. In addition to numerous search functions Searchperience features further functionalities that save you time, resources and costs.

Benefits of Enterprise Search at a Glance:

  • Transparency for Corporate Information
  • Optimization of Business Processes
  • Increase in User and Customer Satisfaction
  • Avoidance of Data Redundancies
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