E-Commerce search solutions for maximum performance

An intuitive, state-of-the-art search solution for complex E-Commerce portals helps customers to easily and efficiently find the desired product.

The search function is the central feature in E-Commerce and, as the most common method of page entry, crucial to the success and largely responsible for generating revenues. An intelligent search solution can be decisive in converting visitors to customers, since customers can only purchase those items that they can actually find.

According to current surveys Internet users have become accustomed to a number of features, such as autocomplete, thanks to increasingly more powerful and intelligent search engines. These functionalities simplify online shopping – and users have come to expect them. In this instance the search solution acts as a virtual customer service representative who can process all requests, even if they are expressed unclearly.

Through the implementation of an intelligent search solutions companies can achieve higher conversion rates, increased revenues, more time spent on the website and higher customer satisfaction with little technical effort.

E-Commerce Search Solutions from AOE for Maximum Performance

For this purpose AOE has developed the intelligent search solution Searchperience, which combines all important functions. The solution includes features such as extensive filter options or positioned search results that can influence rankings, so that specific products can be highlighted in the search. Companies can use these features, for example, to sell remaining stock or to point out special offers. This improves usability and increases customer satisfaction, as the search is optimally adapted to customer needs. Additional features of Searchperience include, among others, the Recommendation Engine as well as campaign management.

As a Search-as-a-Service solution, the search runs on AOE servers and thus relieves the IT infrastructure of your company. Result: Faster search results, increased IT performance.